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  • Sorry, triggering what?
  • empty line new libary new saved search... new subcollection renew feed line find duplicates entries without collection empty feed marked as reed change feed empty empty line empty empty Export libary empty Empty trash empty
  • Not correctly described by me. The entries were transferred, also the entry for the file. When the file was called, this was not available. I can not reproduce it either. The menu items are also missing after two or three updates in the last days o…
  • Sorry, not all entries were deleted, only the entries where the attachments were missing. The entries were newly created locally and adjusted correctly in the course. The mistake was that they were moved between collections and then deleted in the o…
  • Error occurred after entries were moved between collections. The entry was then deleted from the origin. This was no problem on the first computer. On the second computer, the attachments were missing. After deleting all entries and re-importing, th…
  • Upgrade problem of the database: Localized string not available for upgrade.status Any solution? Sorry, after a reboot everything worked.
  • I am still waiting for such an opportunity. Can I hope for a solution?
  • Adamsmith is right. I have replaced the beta versions of Firefox and Zotero. Now everything works fine. Thanks
  • OK - but what I have to do now, so I can use Zoero further. I see there is currently no way to use it, because it is blocked.(Beta)
  • Many Thanks! That was the solution.
  • Same problem here I think there is a problem with file storage, perhaps after a sync error. 1. I controlled the directories in the subdirectory storage and foun…
  • Windows XP, Firefox 3.6.8 no quick search, no tag, it happens with al items, not for all modifications only for pdf renaming, disabling of extensions makes no difference
  • Sorry for my bad describing, but there is nothing behind. This is a loop without an exit point. The only way to stop this is to kill firefox. Or have you an alternative to stop this loop? For problem 1 bei einem Rechtsklick funktionieren n…
  • For the second problem, ID 730452906 I have only the German version: "Datei mit Eintragsmetadaten umbenennen" the following debug information was repeated all the time zotero(5): SELECT IA.itemID FROM itemAttachments IA NATURAL JOIN i…
  • Second problem Report ID: 730452906 MyBibliothek (WebDav) Want to rename PDF, PDF is visible in my home directory, also in the web Start rename pdf CPU (firefox) jumps to 50%, firfox freeze, I must kill the firefox process in p…
  • Sorry! Report ID: 784389200 Group Library, 9 members, Zotero Storage 1. PubMed information downloded 2. file (pdf) attached (copy, not link) 3. repeated with other Puibmed information and files 4. sync porcess 5. try to rename o…