pdf renaming

I have problems with pdf renaming

1. When I want to rename pdf in My Bibliothek (WebDav), the name in the directory is changed but not in my database, firefox jumps to 50% CPU, I have to kill firefox. When I restart Firefox the name in the database is not changed.

2. Renaming and deleting of attached files in group libraries (Zoero storage) is not possible. The menu point is grey. The files are visible on my computers (XP) and in the web, syncing is working correct. Reset sync doesn't change anything,
  • http://www.zotero.org/support/reporting_bugs

    You need to say exactly what you're trying to do, step by step.
  • Sorry!

    Report ID: 784389200

    Group Library, 9 members, Zotero Storage
    1. PubMed information downloded
    2. file (pdf) attached (copy, not link)
    3. repeated with other Puibmed information and files
    4. sync porcess
    5. try to rename one pdf, not possible because the menu "rename" and "file delete" is not reachable (grey)
    6. try to add another file, not possible, only add link to webpage working (others are grey)

    No further messages.
    Problem since a few days, before no problems.
    Same problem on a second computer with the same library.
  • Second problem

    Report ID: 730452906

    MyBibliothek (WebDav)

    Want to rename PDF, PDF is visible in my home directory, also in the web
    Start rename pdf
    CPU (firefox) jumps to 50%, firfox freeze,
    I must kill the firefox process in process explorer and restart
    After restarting firefox the file in the directory is correct renamed but not changed in the library
  • As the Reporting Bugs page notes, you need to include the exact text of the things you're clicking on—I still don't know what menu option you're referring to.

    And you may want to run Firefox with real-time debug output enabled to see if it's actually freezing (and if so, paste the last few lines from the debug output into here).
  • For the second problem, ID 730452906

    I have only the German version: "Datei mit Eintragsmetadaten umbenennen"

    the following debug information was repeated all the time

    zotero(5): SELECT IA.itemID FROM itemAttachments IA NATURAL JOIN items I LEFT JO
    IN itemData ID ON (IA.itemID=ID.itemID AND fieldID=1) LEFT JOIN itemDataValues I
    DV ON (ID.valueID=IDV.valueID) WHERE sourceItemID=? AND linkMode NOT IN (?) AND
    IA.itemID NOT IN (SELECT itemID FROM deletedItems) ORDER BY value=? DESC, mimeTy
    pe='application/pdf' DESC, dateAdded ASC

    zotero(5): Binding parameter 1 of type int: 1760

    zotero(5): Binding parameter 2 of type int: 3

    zotero(5): Binding parameter 3 of type string: "http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubm

    zotero(5): SELECT creatorTypeID AS id, creatorType AS name FROM itemTypeCreatorT
    ypes NATURAL JOIN creatorTypes WHERE itemTypeID=? ORDER BY primaryField=1 DESC,

    zotero(5): Binding parameter 1 of type int: 4

    zotero(3): Switching lastCreatorFieldMode to 1

    zotero(3): Viewing item in pane 0

    zotero(3): Refreshing item box
  • We need the last few lines when it freezes—what comes before is irrelevant.
  • Sorry for my bad describing, but there is nothing behind.
    This is a loop without an exit point. The only way to stop this is to kill firefox. Or have you an alternative to stop this loop?

    For problem 1
    bei einem Rechtsklick funktionieren nicht
    "ausgewählten Eintrag aus der Bibliothek löschen"
    "Datei mit Eintragmetadaten umbenennen" nicht.

    Bei Anhang hinzufügen ist es nur möglich "Link zu aktueller Webseite anhängen" anzuklicken, die anderen Punkte funktionieren nicht.
  • Copy more of the output (more than one loop) and e-mail it to support@zot....org with a link to this thread.
  • Let's focus on one thing at a time—I'm referring only to the freeze issue at the moment.

    You're saying you get that debug output when you select "Datei mit Eintragmetadaten umbenennen"?

    We've never seen this before. Do you have a quick search active at the time? Something selected in the tag selector? Does this happen with all items, or only some?

    Also, try disabling all your other Firefox extensions to see if that makes a difference.
  • See http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/13734/odd-bug-modifying-item/

    If that's your issue (i.e., it only happens if you have an active search, and it happens with any modification of the item), then post follow-ups there, because that's a more specific description of the issue.
  • Windows XP, Firefox 3.6.8

    no quick search, no tag, it happens with al items, not for all modifications only for pdf renaming, disabling of extensions makes no difference
  • Same problem here

    I think there is a problem with file storage, perhaps after a sync error.
    1. I controlled the directories in the subdirectory storage and found missing files (info; cache) in some directories. After removing these directories and removing the library items my problem is reduced.
    I'm now able to remove and add files inside my normal library. It is not possible in a saved search! "Datei umbenennen..." is furterhmore greyed out in all libraries. When I clear my sync history I'm able to rename one file.
    2. We have the same problem with these libraries on other computers (linux, mac).

    Is there any possibility to test the attached and llinked files and the file storage?

    Thank you!
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