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  • nice. it does work now. Thanks. I notice, though, that the URL is not being "extracted". I somehow expected to be able to find the URL in the new Zotero item. Is my expectation wrong?
  • Awesome! The diff is a bit wrong though: 11 "lastUpdated":"2009-07-29 06:35:00" 11 "lastUpdated":"2009-07-08 23:06:46" It probably should read 2010 :-) Also, there is a translator for the US Patent Office: I.e.…
  • Whatever CSL Wow, that is much better then my old way of doing stuff. Thanks you for that! The bug itself is still valid though I'd say.
  • Because it exports to a file only. And I am using JabRef to actually manage my Bibtex bibliography. While JabRef supports reading from another file, it way quicker to do it the way I described since it exports to clipboard. I thus simply need to pas…
  • Hm. I think I am hit by this issue as well. My Conference Paper get exported as @INBOOK but it should be @INPROCEEDINGS. At least my bibliography then contains the required information. I think I'm using the style from…
  • I'm having problems using my OpenID provider as well. It's StartCom and it claims to be 2.0 compliant. FWIW I can login to LiveJournal, so I guess Zoteros OpenID implemenation is broken in a way.
  • I'd prefer to apply my naming scheme on the zotero entries as well. I don't want my document to look inconsistent and renaming everything manually after an export doesn't work out.