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Having got fed up with Word I've recently started using LaTeX. But I've been curious as to why my bibliographies have not shown book titles or book authors for book chapters with different authors (but has shown the chapter title/author). In the .bib file the book chapter entry is exported using the BibTeX '@inbook' entry type, which seems fine at first glance. But after some digging I discovered that all BibTeX documentation states that the @inbook entry field can contain *either* an author or an editor and similarly title, chapter *or* pages. Now this would be fine if you literally wanted a section from a book by one author, but is not suitable for the case stated above.

So what is wrong? Well for the case of the book chapter (which I would suggest is a different scenario to a book section) the bibliography entry type needs to be '@incollection' - this will allow different book title/chapter titles as well as authors/editors. One more point is that the book title is exported to the .bib in the 'journal' field which needs changing to the 'booktitle' field.

  • Hello everybody,
    I agree with Chris, the booktitle field is exported as journal field, this generate problems while compiling bibtex.

    Is there a way to "customize" the exported fields name?

  • Unfortunately there is no way to do this currently with the bibtex exporter. The bibtex exporter currently maps one zotero type to one bibtex type.

    Devs, I will post to the dev-list a modification of bibtex export which creates two type maps, one for bibtex2zotero & one for zotero2bibtex. The zotero2bibtex can either have strings or functions. If the value is a function the function is called with the zotero item as its argument, and returns the bibtex type. The means that the function can then check features of the item to decide what bibtex type it should be. In this case it checks if the item has an author & an editor, if so, its incollection, otherwise inbook.

    This would require more work for the other way round, since the whole bibtex record would need to be read before the type was decided.
  • ...and I've also just spotted that zotero 'reports' are exported as 'miscellaneous' when perhaps they should be exported as '@techreport'. The institution is exported to the address field when an institution field is available in @techreport. An obvious temporary fix is to modify your .bib file with the appropriate fieds - I don't have many book chapters or reports so it's not a big proplem!
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    ...and again... conference papers are exported awkwardly. The BibTeX entry type is @inproceedings which is fine but 'proceedings title' is exported to the journal field which is not allowed in the @inproceedings entry. In terms of BibTeX, having separate conference and proceedings fields is somewhat redundant since all this information needs to be exported to the booktitle field (as the 'conference name' currently is).

    P.S. sorry it sounds like I'm complaining a lot! For the record, I absolutely love Zotero as it really has taken the strain out of managing papers, and I'm still trying to convert my colleagues. I'm just nit-picking so it can be even better!
  • In my opinion the problem is not the export of @inbook documents, but the missing @incollection document type! Zotero really gets some things right, but why can't I assign @incollection to an article? Or is this a shortcoming of the german localisation I use?

    Also the @inproceedings document type seems to be broken as one cannot assign any editors to the proceedings! However bibtex does allow proceedings to have editors.

    I would really appreciate a bugfix. Scanned the "For developers" section but did not see a simple way to define new document types by myself. Is there a bugtracker somewhere?

    BTW zotero rocks. For the most part.
  • Hi everybody,

    I like working with zotero, thanks!
    But the BibTex export is still a a problem to me (like to others) as I miss the BibTeX entry type @incollection. Any solution upcoming or do I have to manually edit all the BibTex entries? Unfortunately I'm not into coding and can therefore not offer fixing anything myself..

    But for the rest, thanks for zotero.

  • @fede:
    the booktitle field is exported as journal field, this generate problems while compiling bibtex.
    I experienced the same problem: with incollections the field bookSection is exported as journal title and not as booktitle. Using the latest version of the bibtext translator (1.0.0b4.r1) the doExport function says:

    if(item.publicationTitle) {
    if(item.itemType == "chapter"
    || item.itemType == "conferencePaper") {
    writeField("booktitle", item.publicationTitle);
    } else {
    writeField("journal", item.publicationTitle);

    I believe the second line should be:
    if(item.itemType == "chapter"
    || item.itemType == "conferencePaper
    || item.itemType == "bookSection" {
    writeField("booktitle", item.publicationTitle);

    After this change the export of incollections worked for me.
  • Hm. I think I am hit by this issue as well.
    My Conference Paper get exported as @INBOOK but it should be @INPROCEEDINGS. At least my bibliography then contains the required information.
    I think I'm using the style from and I'm rightclicking my Zotero entry and select Create Bilbiography, then select Bibtex generic citation style (dev).
  • I think I'm using the style from
    Rather than doing this, why not select "Export Selected Items..." & pick BibTeX?
  • Because it exports to a file only. And I am using JabRef to actually manage my Bibtex bibliography. While JabRef supports reading from another file, it way quicker to do it the way I described since it exports to clipboard. I thus simply need to paste the bibtex code into JabRef.
    I'd prefer if "Export Seletected Items" could export to the clipboard though.

    Another way that almost works me is to drag my item into JabRef. That's not so comfortable on my tiny 12" screen though.
  • You could use the export formats w/ the "quick copy" feature (e.g. ctrl-alt-C on win/linux by default).

    The BibTeX CSL is really just a proof of concept & is not a very robust means for data export.
  • Whatever CSL Wow, that is much better then my old way of doing stuff. Thanks you for that!
    The bug itself is still valid though I'd say.
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