OpenID Issues

There's a couple of issues I'm having with OpenID

1) Is it possible to link my OpenID with this account, or if not, can I delete this one to set up my OpenID account

2) When I try to log in via OpenID, I'm getting an error about the Requested URL being too long. Is this a known issue?
  • What OpenID provider are you using?
  • i use my own url, with versign PIP as my provider
  • Well, it seems I am able to sign in with my OpenID now, however after signing in, it asks me to sign in with my current zotero account to link it with my openID. I have done this, but after signing out, and signing in once again with the OpenID, it once again wants me to sign in with my zotero account. It doesn't seem to be successfully linking it.
  • Once again I am getting the request URI too long errors.

    Also, to date, when I have logged in successfully with my OpenID, I still get prompted to log into my Zotero account each time.
  • what is openID ?
  • Manoj Shrestha:

    Basically, OpenID offers you the ability to have a single point of identification for many different sites. Instead of having to register for each site, creating a new username and password for each, you set up an OpenID account (usually through an existing provider) which gives you a URI which acts as your account login. The URI is generated by the provider, however you can use any URL you control by adding some HTML code to a page at that URL designating an OpenID delegate. I use my personal website URL.

    The main benefits with OpenID are establishing a single point of login, and also having a unique ID across different sites on the web. Visiting the OpenID URL usually provides a profile of the person it identifies.

    When you log into a site using your OpenID, rather than provide credentials (username and password) to that site, it redirects you to your OpenID provider to log in there. Your provider will then inform the original site that your login was successful and you will be redirected back to your original site.

    If a site requires an account to exist on their servers anyway, they can link your OpenID to your account there. This is the case with Zotero, as you need to use your Zotero login for the sync features, and also SourceForge, which requires an account on their servers for things such as shell access, and repository access.

    Some sites do not require their own identification, as the only access required is on the web, and so an account is automatically created when you first log in using your OpenID. A site like Stack Overflow is an example like this.
  • I used my Verisign PIP Open ID account to try and log-in to Zotero today and received a "Request URI is too long" error.

    The Open ID (anonymised) string I used was: ""

    Is there a fix for this problem?
  • I'm having problems using my OpenID provider as well. It's StartCom and it claims to be 2.0 compliant. FWIW I can login to LiveJournal, so I guess Zoteros OpenID implemenation is broken in a way.
  • Wow. So this is NOT a new problem then. I just tried to use my Google OpenID to login or link my account, and it says "Invalid OpenID." I tried:
    ...and variations of the above with http, https, or without the http(s)://www. and no go.
    Why oh why?
    -Am I doing something wrong? :-/
    You can email me at
  • Well, openID login to Zotero is still not working, it still ask to register with Zotero but it doesn't link with openID afterwards :(((
  • Is it possible to remove the link to an openid account. My openid-url has been changed, and i want to add the new one and remove the old
  • for gmail user the following line should work as openid-url
    but it doesn't

    until it works, you can find an url that works with your gmail account here
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    OpenID URL for Google:

    OpenID URL for Yahoo:
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    currently reporting "Invalid Open Id" when trying to use ""

    also for or the expanded version of the google profile URL
  • Looks like Google OpenID urls still do not work. Receive "Invalid OpenID" for links


    What is wrong?
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    I am in the same situation as peter.puk was 3 years ago. The Open ID information associated with my account is out of date and I would like to change it. Specifically I would like to unlink an old Open ID account due to security issues (Changing your username with some Open ID providers can mean losing access to linked services and can open the door for attackers to claim your old username and all services associated with it).

    Is there any way I can change my Open ID data? If not, could someone please help me get in contact with the web administration team? This is very much a crucial issue and a security concern.
  • I want to know how to unlink an OpenID, too.
  • Google OpenID still doesn't seem to work.

    I'm using Google Apps (for Education) with this URL:

    Result: error message 'Invalid Open Id'.

    Works fine with another OpenID provider, for example The Google OpenID URL also seems to be working well on other sites, for example

    Any update on this?
  • Only to say that the OpenID support will be getting revamped with the update to the rest of that's currently being worked on.
  • @fcheslack

    A wiki page about OpenID support (and known issues) would be extremely helpful.

  • Started new thread here:
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