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  • @Abohaal I have not used Juris-M much, but I think it supports most European jurisdictions pretty well. I do mostly cite international law (treaties and cases) and UN/AU/ECOWAS documents of various sorts. One other thing: since Mendeley and Zotero …
  • @Abohaal Zotfile is helpful if you want to move PDFs between Zotero and an external folder (e.g. Dropbox) for purposes of reading on an iPad. I haven't done this in a while but last I did it worked quite well. Re: the legal stuff, I'd recommend you…
  • Zotero today is faster than Mendeley and, I think, have more features. In addition, if you are doing a lot of legal citations, you might want to look at Juris-M which is a fork of Zotero that includes additional features for legal writing. Neither…
  • I am not 100% sure what you mean by track, but Zotfile can extract PDF highlights (and I presume notes too, though not sure) and put them in Zotero as notes with a link to the original.
  • It is not quite what you are asking for, and obviously the relevance of this depends on precisely what you want to do, but I have used Airtable as database replacement when working with students (it is a web app with good collaboration futures). If…
  • @bwiernik Thanks, that makes sense. I do fairly often create web page references from scratch (for various boring non-important reasons), so I will just create as Journal Article or whatever and manually switch them.
  • It works fine for me switching between MacOS and Windows. I have all my Zotero PDFs in a OneDrive folder. In Zotero (not Zotfile) preferences go to Advanced > Files and Folders. Make sure that Linked Attachment Base Directory is the same folder…