Zotfile on multiple OS


I am using Zotero and Zotfile in two computers: at home and at office. At home I run it on a MacOs High Sierra and, at office, in a Windows 10 computer.

First I installed then on Mac computer and then on Windowns. After installing Zotero and Zotifile on Windows, I noticed they do not seem to find my attached files. I think it is so because the path on Mac computers is recorded differently than in Windows.

Is there a ways to sort it out?

  • Yes, Sync both computers through your account on Zotero. See https://www.zotero.org/support/sync
  • It works fine for me switching between MacOS and Windows. I have all my Zotero PDFs in a OneDrive folder.

    In Zotero (not Zotfile) preferences go to Advanced > Files and Folders. Make sure that Linked Attachment Base Directory is the same folder. So for me, on my Mac it is:

    /Users/XXXX/OneDrive/Zotero PDFs (where XXXX is your user name)

    and on my Windows PC it is:

    /XXXX/OneDrive\Zotero PDFs

    In ZotFile preferences, I have changed the Location of Files to "Custom Location" with the above folder.

    The above set-up seems to work fine. Of course, you can also just use the Zotero service. The only reason I do not do that is the lack of mobile/tablet access. At least this way I can use OneDrives (pretty good) annotation features on my iPad (or a 3rd party PDF reader such as PDF Expert.
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