Available for beta testing: Zotero for Android

  • Following. Hope to hear about the main release or for more beta testers soon! :)
  • @dstillman Good to hear this great news. Despite being heavily invested in the Android ecosystem, I was just about to order an iPad Air, primarily for this purpose.

    Any Idea when a version 1.0 will be available?
  • Bonjour je suis Novice sur ce logiciel. Je dois préparer un mémoire et on m'a parlé de zotero. POur la bibliographie ect... j'ai un android samsung, de ce que je comprends, on ne peut plus installer zotero? y a t'il une ancienne version accessible, ou une nouvelle version prochainement disponible?
    Autrement un tout autre logiciel? Merci de pouvoir m'aiguiller
  • @chamalou: This is the initial beta release of the Android app, and all testing slots have been taken. We'll open up to additional testers soon.

    If you're just trying to use Zotero, you want to start with the desktop app, available from the download page.
  • very exciting news!!

    Tried this on my Huawei p30 lite and it opens up in an iOS looking environment where I am able to see all the collections and whats in them, but cannot open the pdfs/epubs themselves. Is this a limitation of android 10?
  • @malaa456: You should certainly be to open PDFs as long as they're stored files in your library. If that's not working, see Files Not Syncing, and start a new thread with the requested info if you're still having trouble.

    EPUB/snapshot viewing and annotation are currently only available in the Zotero 7 beta and aren't yet available in the iOS and Android apps.
  • @chamalou il faut d'abord créer un compte sur Zotero.org et installer le logiciel sur ordinateur - ou utiliser la bibliothèque en ligne (toujours sur Zotero, onglet "Web Library") pour avoir ses références.

    La version Android est toute neuve et encore en beta.
    Elle permet actuellement de lire les articles sauvegardés et de les annoter mais ne permet pas (encore) de sauvegarder directement sur tablette.
    La sauvegarde se fait soit par le navigateur avec l'extension Zotero connectée au compte, soit par ajout des références directement dans le logiciel Zotero

    Maintenant pour la rédaction d'un mémoire, Zotero est excellent - et pour la phase recherche et pour la phase écriture avec citations et bibliographies.
    Je l'utilise depuis plus de dix ans, et chaque nouvelle version est meilleure à mes yeux que la précédente.
  • Is there an estimated date for increasing the number of beta participants? It would make writing my diploma thesis much easier :D
  • Great news, thanks for doing this. will join the beta program as soon as it opens up again
  • If someone is using on the boox system, I think you can also provide feedback to boox. They will also try to optimise the app as per user need. Boox is very quick to reply. I have previously reported and got solution in the next update.
  • I can confirm sending/receiving feedback via Boox devices works well.

    @thejoemaya, @loganJFischer, @mike.english, @menelic and other (potential) Boox users, can you clarify explicitly what Boox developers may do to optimise the Zotero app on their devices?

    I'll include it in my request to Boox. I've included the draft below. Feel free to suggest changes so we can soon enjoy a fully functional Zotero app on Boox devices.


    Dear reader,

    Zotero for Android was released recently. Could you please optimise it for use on your Boox devices?

    I've included some feedback and suggestions from (potential) Boox users to facilitate the process.

    - Most important feedback/suggestion
    - ...

    Kind regard,


  • Lots of love to zotero. It has changed my life since I have been using it since the start of my PhD. I can't install it on android reason being the space is full but I would love to use it on my android device. I am looking forward to this amazing update. THANK YOU DEVS. <3
  • I started to use zotero 5 months ago and cant live one second without it now. Hope to open it in Android soon!
  • When will Android early access be open? Is there a waiting list?
  • Thanks developers, really can't wait to have Zotero on newly got onyx boox max 2 :)
  • Is there any help document for android? I'm already testing it and i don't want to waste your or my time with questions which are already answered in those documents.
  • @documut: Just the description in Google Play.
  • Any rough timeline I can check to see if more beta slots open? tymuch for adding an Android app!
  • We are all looking forward to it!
    GoGoGo Devs!
  • I just got the update today; I am using the WebDav storage; I'll have to wait till I am able to get the ability to sync from WebDav.

    Thanks though; the app looks great and there is a uniform consistency across platforms. Great job team!
  • Will the Android version support plug-ins ? For example : translate for zotero
  • @wenbocn: No, that's not possible.
  • Thank you so much to the Zotero team. Quickly tested on a Pixel Phone and a Boox Air 2. Work like a charm with the known limitations already described.
    This will change (for good) my workflow !
  • Really looking forward to testing this on my Boox Lumi 2
  • Is testing via apk a bad thing? Other than the possibility of apk being corrupted ofcourse.
  • Wow, this is fantastic news. Thank you to all of the devs for making it happen!
  • Thanks to the Zotero devs! This is great news and looking forward to the Android app, and especially how it works with boox.

  • edited February 1, 2024
    We’ve added some more testing slots to the beta on Google Play.

  • Thank you. Does this update include Webdav?
  • edited February 1, 2024
    No. WebDAV will be available before the final release. We will obviously let people know when it’s available for testing.
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