Any plan to make an official app for android?

  • FYI, Zoo for Zotero is still working on my tablet with Android 14. @LoganJFisher
  • Just want to add my voice to the users eagerly awaiting and excited about the android app. It will dramatically change my workflow and be a huge convenience. I've found the desktop version of Zotero much better than Mendeley after migrating about a year ago, but the ability to read papers easily on a Samsung tablet (which was bought only for that specific purpose) is the only feature I miss.

    And thanks for your efforts this far for such a great program in Zotero 7.
  • Please add Android support for Zotero! Just got a Boox and it will be fantastic to have Zotero on it!
  • Yes, please. The existing android apps zoo and zotez are so buggy that they are not much use, and are no longer maintained.
  • @atnoir On my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra running Android 14 the Play Store just says "Looking for Zoo for Zotero? This app isn't available for your device because it was made for an older version of Android"
  • @LoganJFisher that's weird, on my galaxy s23 running Android 14, Zoo for zotero is always available to search and install from play store without any incompatibility warning. On my tablet S8+ also running A14, Zoo is still usable without any problem. My tablet has Zoo installed since oneui 4.1, but my phone never installed Zoo and it still can download from Play Store. Unfortunately, I don't have S23 Ultra to test. That's all I got. Hope it helps.
  • @LoganJFisher Could the following methods work? 1) check if Zoo has already been in your app library? If not, find an older phone to add it to your library. 2) go to play store web and install from there to your phone.
  • @atnoir Easier option, I just found and downloaded the apk from online. It works fine. No clue why the Play Store is being weird about this.
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