Broken Links to PDFs in Group Library (not all members) Web and App

Hi there,

I have a problem since yesterday, that the group libraries I have just added do not seem to work properly. Many of the links to PDFs are broken and symbolysed by a greyed PDF icon instead of the normal one. For the other team members (I am not the owner of any of these groups) it works fine. I have checked for a few files, that the folder the file is linked to does not exist at all. It is interesting that this does not happen to ALL PDFs in a group.
I have checked the Web Library and it has the same issue, it simply displays a link symbol, but I cannot click to open the attachment. So not a local issue I could fix with my installation. I am far from exceeding my data volume at zotero (just checked), no sync error message.
Can anyone help please?

Thanks a lot and best regards,
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    If you can't open the file online, it just means the file hasn't synced from the computer where it was added, and all other group members' computers are irrelevant. (Files Not Syncing would walk you through this, but you don't need to worry about that.)

    In your case, the owner of most of the groups you're in had a storage subscription that expired a month ago (shortly after they upgraded from 2 GB to 6 GB, which moves the expiration date forward), so no new files can be uploaded. They'll need to renew their storage subscription or transfer the groups to someone with one. Anyone in the group who adds a file will get a sync error explaining that the group owner is out of storage. Your own storage quota isn't relevant for groups you don't own.
  • Thank you so much, you made my day.
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