Deleting Multiple Tags?

I just imported several folders to Zotero and it imported all kinds of weird tags (even though I had this option unchecked). Even after I clicked "Delete Automatic Tags in this Library" there were still thousands of tags left. Is there a way to mass-delete these? I don't want any of them and would prefer to start from scratch with my own.
  • Tags that come from file imports aren't considered automatic tags, because most of the data exchange formats don't distinguish between different types of tags/keywords.

    The Zutilo plugin can remove all tags from selected items. (A future version of Zotero will include that capability as a built-in feature.)
  • Follow up: I want to clean out my enormous list of tags without having to go to each item to which the tags are attached. Is there a way to bulk-delete many of tags themselves?
    You can also hold Cmd (Mac) or Shift (Windows/Linux) while dragging items to a tag in the tag selector in the bottom left to remove the tag from all of those items.
    You can also right-click a tag in the tag selector to delete it completely.
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