Is there a plugin for using zotero in Notion?

  • +1 As am I, this would be great!
  • Hey all, I recommend getting in touch with Notion using the in-app chat to "vote" for this feature. I messaged them and they said it was on their list, and now just a matter of priority. I think this would be game changing for so many researchers, so let's try to bump this feature up to the priority it deserves! Thank you!
  • Listen to @mjhoefer ! If you write to them in the in-app chat (via the "?" button on the bottom-right corner) they'll answer you they'll increase the priority of that future implementation! So if you're interested in that, let them know!
  • Really interested as well by such a plug-in !! I'm getting in touch with the Notion team as well.
  • would love to see this! and be able to link to Zotero articles/notes in Notion task lists :D
  • dito, would love to see this!
  • @arthur_albuquerque are you manually bringing each paper into Notion as you download them, or do you have some automation for this process? Is there currently support for importing all zotero entries as a database in Notion?
  • Me too, this would be AMAZING!!!
  • Just left a comment in the Notion chat to ask for this feature :)
  • Looking forward to it!
  • Would be great!
  • Notion's API is now in public beta!
  • It would be so great to have a sync between Zotero and Notion! Hopefully someone is able to make it work!
  • @LynLin I just got a notice about this. Are you / anyone else interested in putting heads together to figure this out?
  • I'm looking forward to this !
    I'll be happy to have a synchronization btw zotero and my own notion database, where I can put notes.
    One expecially nice feature is the @ crossreferencing in notion !
  • I'm very keen for this feature as well!

    I would love to make all the notes in notion. When I write up I would love to easily refer to my notes of the literature. In other words, I would love to write a 'literature review' as a way to organize the literature, not using scattered notes for each paper. Bascially this requires zotero and notion could share the database.
  • @mjhoefer @LynLin I'm up for helping build this if someone else can take the lead.
  • I'm thinking whther we could try something similar used by zettlr-zotero integration (

    I tried to export my zotero library as a json file, convert it to csv, and then import to notion, which is good as an initial step. I would use the citation key (generated by BetterTex) as the title column (as it automatically to be), which is convenient for referencing.

    The key thing, of course, is how to keep the two databases connected. I thought of things like to make a google sheet connected to my notion, but the step it allows is very limited. For example, if we delete an item in zotero database, it can't be reflected in notion, and if later on I implement the bibliography info in zotero which leads to a change in the citation key, it is also a problem (the unique ID is changed).

    Also moving the entire library to notion is a bit redundant. It would be nice to see function like right click in zotero - send to notion and an item appears in the linked notion database...

    The reason I would love to have the two integrated is that, I think notion is much more convenient in taking notes (allow all kinds of media embedding). When I use notion to write down my initial ideas and drafts, it would be very convenient if I could use @ in notion to mention an item in my reference database, which includes my previous notes on that item.

    I'm not a programmer so I can't help explore the API, but I definitely want to follow up on this topic!
  • I've built a javascript lib that does one way sync from zotero to a configurable sink ( If you only need zotero to notion, you'd only have to tell this lib how it should be stored in notion.
  • Partial sync (eg only storing a single collection) would be a bit of work though. the sync protocol seems designed for full-library sync.
  • This sounds really cool @emilianoeheyns! However due to a lack of background I still didn't get how to run such script and how to 'tell this lib how it should be stored in notion'. If you have time, would you write an example which we can follow?
  • This is a simple store that just sticks everything in a json file:
  • Then how to import it into notion so that notion will automatically update the databases as I add more literature?
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    That's the bit to figure out. My idea was that if you're already looking into how to talk to notion's api's, this would be the other half of the work. It would require you writing javascript code to talk to notion.
  • Partial sync (eg only storing a single collection) would be a bit of work though. the sync protocol seems designed for full-library sync.
    @emilianoeheyns: If by "sync protocol" you're referring to the Zotero API, there's certainly nothing stopping you from doing collection-specific syncing. These haven't all necessarily been validated by real-world implementations, but see Partial-Library Syncing, and ask on the dev list if you have questions.
  • Oh cool. Yeah, I meant the zotero API.
  • @profbos

    Hi Zak! Have you had any success in creating the integration between Zotero and Notion? Do post an update please.
  • Just getting into notion and this would be so great, thank you!
  • My partner was also looking for a way to sync items into Notion, so I took a stab at building a plugin for her to do just that!

    It's currently designed to add items into Notion when they're added to a specific Zotero collection of your choosing. I'd love for folks to give it a try and let me know if it proves useful!

    I also wanted to give my thanks to @emilianoeheyns for the great tooling they built that made this project possible for me.
  • @dvanoni This is awesome! Thank you and @emilianoeheyns for putting this together. Exactly what I'd been hoping for.
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