Is there a plugin for using zotero in Notion?

  • +1 As am I, this would be great!
  • Hey all, I recommend getting in touch with Notion using the in-app chat to "vote" for this feature. I messaged them and they said it was on their list, and now just a matter of priority. I think this would be game changing for so many researchers, so let's try to bump this feature up to the priority it deserves! Thank you!
  • Listen to @mjhoefer ! If you write to them in the in-app chat (via the "?" button on the bottom-right corner) they'll answer you they'll increase the priority of that future implementation! So if you're interested in that, let them know!
  • Really interested as well by such a plug-in !! I'm getting in touch with the Notion team as well.
  • would love to see this! and be able to link to Zotero articles/notes in Notion task lists :D
  • dito, would love to see this!
  • @arthur_albuquerque are you manually bringing each paper into Notion as you download them, or do you have some automation for this process? Is there currently support for importing all zotero entries as a database in Notion?
  • Me too, this would be AMAZING!!!
  • Just left a comment in the Notion chat to ask for this feature :)
  • Looking forward to it!
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