Suggestions for a new built-in Zotero PDF reader

Hi there,

I am so excited about your new built-in PDF reader. I have installed a beta version of Zotero, and I am enjoying it already.

I would like to suggest two features, if you haven't planned them yet:

1) Ability to quickly see the overview of the whole document as in Mac's View and PDF Expert;
2) Ability to split the screen horisontally to be able to see references and notes, as in PDF Expert, AND/OR a quick pop up link to the-just-seen-page, as in PDF Expert to quickly travel from the text to references and back, AND/OR another clever way to quickly see references and notes at the end of the document.

I hope it helps. Thank you very much again for introducing a PDF reader.
  • 1) Ability to quickly see the overview of the whole document as in Mac's View and PDF Expert
    Not sure what you mean here.
    a quick pop up link to the-just-seen-page
    Note that, if you click a link within the PDF, you can use Cmd-[ to go back. A more general Back/Forward or jump-back mechanism might happen but isn't yet implemented.
  • Thanks, dstillman!

    By 1) I mean the view of all the thumbnails. Not sure how it's properly called, sorry.
  • You realize you can view thumbnails in the left-hand sidebar?
  • Yes, a do. What I am talking about is a view of thumbnails scattered across the whole screen.

    Anyway, a new smart way of checking the references would be much more useful, yet, I don't know whether it is possible at all. On a more general note, I think research gets creative when it gets non-linear. Being able to jump from one part of the electronic document to another without much thinking would be a blast.
  • @dstillman I think they are referring to a view like the Organize Pages view in Adobe Acrobat. That would be helpful to jump quickly to a specific page (as well as to facilitate rotation of all the landscape pages if that functionality is added).
  • Yes, bwiernik, thank you very much, this is exactly what I was talking about — sorry for a clumsy way of describing it.
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    I've got an idea of how one can read an article and see its references at the same time.

    Currently, I open articles in Zotero's pdf reader; then right click on the item, open the folder where the file is stored; open this file with my default pdf reader (which is PDF Expert). I use a large screen, so I am able to put Zotero on the right side and PDF Expert on the left side. I then click Cmd+down to jump on the last page of the document and voilà, I am seeing references.

    So the idea I've got is to introduce a split screen option within Zotero's pdf reader, that would do exactly what I described, but, for instance, in one click (right click on the item in the library, 'open in a split screen'.

    Just an idea.

    On a different note, I am still enjoying Zotero's pdf reader very much. I can clearly see that it increased my productivity. The only problems I see so far are:
    - There are neither underline option, nor drawing tools in the pdf reader;
    - Notes are very slow and make the whole Zotero freeze for some time;
    - It would be helpful to be able to close the 'add note' pop up window that emerges over the Word document when the 'add note' button is pushed (I've tried erasing '{citation}' but it did not help so I had to insert the shortest note into my Word document and then erase the text).

    I hope this feedback is helpful.
  • I have another suggestion related to the Notes.

    It would be cool if a note with references, once copied into a Word document, contained enough metadata to produce the bibliography section. Now, if I insert a note into a Word document containing quotations and references, it is impossible to generate a bibliography section from this only. Let me know if what I am saying is obscure.
  • Another suggestion related to Notes from Annotations — to make the quotes visibly different from the comments.
  • @auster - Inserting a note into Word using the Zotero add-in within Word (as opposed to copy and paste) does retain citations, so you can generate a bibliography (just did that)
  • Oh, indeed, it works. I suppose I did something wrong yesterday, when it didn't. Thanks, bentle!
  • Hi, I have another suggestion for Notes. Maybe it is something completely irrelevant, but I just thought that it would be really cool to be able to somehow see all the notes of each folder, in one window/editor.

    What I have in mind is something similar to the Memo Manager in MAXQDA where you can see all the memos of the project (or some of them).

    This would be incredibly helpful in literature review writing when you first read and annotate files, write notes, and then look at the notes only and write a meta note which is basically your literature review.
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