Embedding the Zotero Web Library?

The Zotero Web Library is really excellent. It would be fantastic if it could also be embedded in one's website e.g. via an iframe. Currently that is not possible because of a "x-frame-options: sameorigin" header.

Alternatively, maybe Zotero could provide a special kind of embed URL, similar to the way YouTube provides a certain URL for embedded videos.

I think this would an advantage for Zotero as it would widen to exposure to various website visitors who could then click on the Zotero logo and get to the Zotero website.
  • Yes, please!!! Tungsten84 stated this much more nicely that I would have. I thought I was blind or stupid because I couldn't believe that Zotero doesn't provide a bibliography or collection embed code. I tried using BibBase and was successful to a point, but now it refuses to connect to my Zotero collections. And, the BibBase embed code "breaks" LibGuide pages.
  • I would really love this!!!! It is clearly and nicely stated. I am looking for a way of doing this in a Drupal site and I have not found any current good and stable solution. Many thanks!
  • I agree with this as an option - the Web Library is beautifully designed and much better than other workarounds. Currently, it works to open the library in another webpage (which I am reasonably happy with, better than dealing with BibBase), but you need to add a webpage to make it clear what people are linking to so it's not quite as intuitive it can be.
  • Another vote for this!!
  • I was checking to see if this had been addressed in the forums. Glad I'm not alone in looking for this to be changed so we can embed libraries!
  • Plus one for this. Zotero could be an excellent way to keep a knowledge base sync'd for a project, etc.
  • Please consider this!
  • Same, I vote for this too, please! I'll just use Zotero much more!!
  • This would really make my life a lot easier. BibBase just refuses to embed my entire library.
  • This would definitely be great. I understand this might increase the load on Zotero Web Library's servers, but maybe it could be added as a perk for paid plans?
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    I've needed this for years....pretty please Zotero folks!!!!!! A quick and easy way, using iframe.

    USECASE: To be able to iframe a collection or subcollection of our Zotero library for use as a live (autosync) bibliography inside teaching/training modules on our subscription mentoring website. The modules are updated frequently and require hours of time reformatting bibliographies.
  • I would also love this. Am looking for a way to share a Zotero knowledgebase within a project website and as nedzimben said, this would be a great way to do it.
  • +1.
    It would be so facilitating !
  • +1 This would be amazing!
  • Adding another +1 to this long list!
  • Yes!!! This would be super helpful!!!!
  • I would also love this!
  • For the people who are interested in this, it'd be helpful to know more about why you want this and the ways you see yourself using it.

    (Further +1's aren't useful — we understand there's demand, but we need to better understand the use cases. We're not going to allow direct embedding of the Zotero website.)
  • I would like to see this feature because it would be nice for users to embed their libraries in a website or blog. I am planning to create a site for a reading list where I wish to use the Zotero group library I created. So, I want that whenever I add a record to my library, it is automatically updated through Zotero. As @tungsten84 highlighted, it can be similar to the way provided by YouTube (e.g. powered by Zotero). As far as I know, Zotero doesn't have such a feature at the moment (please correct me if I'm wrong).
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    For those of you asking for this, are you imagining that you'd actually see more or less the current three-pane web library within your own website?

    The current UI is of course designed to take up the full width of the window, and if you make it less wide it automatically switches into a tablet-friendly mode. If you're just basically looking to embed the current web library at full width in the browser window, with other content above and below, that could work, but anything else gets tricky. Without the collections pane, we'd have a lot more flexibility in terms of layout, but we know collections are an important part of many libraries.
  • I'd like to use this feature to highlight the curatorial work done by a group of historians I work with. They have been collecting citations on environmental history for almost two decades, and I'd like to offer basic browsing functionality inside their website without using the web API directly.
  • (That doesn't actually answer the specific questions though?)
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    @dstillman is there a github issue or similar for tracking these requests? That would be my preferable mode for contributing more detailed job stories / sketches etc. Otherwise i can link to something.

    For context this is the issue we're working on https://github.com/life-itself/web3/issues/44 and the project https://lifeitself.us/web3
  • @rufuspollock: This is the place for discussion of this.
  • Picking up this thread, here are a couple of use cases I've found so far. In one case, we set up a Google group for a distributed research network, and created a shared Zotero library. We wanted to display publicly the Zotero library for the research on the same website as the information about the group as well as instructions on how to use the database and how to join the group, from an existing organisational website. In another case, I wanted to set up a publications archive for the same organisation, instead of creating a separate searchable facility within the same website, by using Zotero. I did this ultimately by just creating a link to the Zotero web library, but embedding it would make it easier for the user because the scope of the library, how to join etc, could be displayed on the same page.

    In terms of what I woud like it to look like, I think the Zotero web library interface is excellent, including in the mobile version where you have the collections that go to the library.
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