Embedding the Zotero Web Library?

  • This would be a lovely useful possibility!!!!!!
  • Agree! It would be awesome to embed the Zotero Web Library directly to my research center website!
  • My use case is that I'd like to be able to easily embed a widget on the website of a research consortium which is automatically updated with the latest papers from the consortium members whenever we add them to the public Zotero Group.
  • I've read the links about the python-based approach (which looks cool) but for most users this is going to be beyond what we can devote time and resources to since our primary job is not building apps or websites.

    Since there was a developer post seeking real-world applications for an embedded library, here is mine:

    We catalog all of our oral history collections with Zotero. It's a great tool for this and I've been able to share our digital work with scholars through Zotero, but it's used mostly internally to keep track of things. But I'd like a master list of all of our interviews to be embedded from our Zotero library to our Wordpress-based site, which receives 20,000+ views a year. While we post our interviews on the Wordpress site with transcripts, it's not the best vehicle navigation-wise, although when grouped by collection it is manageable. I would like to have a page, however, with the full catalog for people wanting to see the names of people we've interviewed.
  • I can also add a +1 to this. For our use case (I am a Librarian at a small liberal arts university), we have a series who want to embed their group library on their project site (they are tracking various pre-1900s materials in our stacks). For now, they will have to link, but it would be amazing if we could have it embedded.
  • I would support this. My use case: Embed a reading list (stored in a zotero group) for my class in our LMS, which has just become Brightspace.
  • Yes! Having the ability to embed the Zotero Web Library directly to our Drupal-based internal website would be very useful as we develop information resources to be viewed by many in our organization.
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    @dstillman If the Zotero web library is easy to install, people can modify it and find what they need by practice, and may become contributors on some parts.

    A good goal may be to make it work under subdirectories. See here
    The paths generated by zotero will not work
    I think I have now found why, but I probably not do it in the correct way.

    Users would be very glad to have a pre-compiled packages ready to drop on their server, for example with an .htaccess.
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