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At present, insertion of references from zotero into tables, at least in OpenOffice, seems to be unsupported. Are there any plans to support tables in the future or does anybody know a trick to circumby this restriciton?
Copy-paste from the main text into the table results in scripting errors....
  • I agree. I'm having a really good time using zotero.
    The only problem is when I need to insert references inside a table.
    Is there any plans for this feature?
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    Ahh, but... and CAVEAT EMPTOR... in Oo3. and assuming that you do NOT change the style sheet, then you can generate the citation in open text and then copy it (make sure you get the whole "greyed-out area") into the table.

    In my hands, this approach generates bibliographies, will refresh those bibliographies, but the approach has choked Zotero/OO when I have changed style sheets. This results in Vbasic runtime errors, etc.

    I think that it half-works suggests to me that the problem is implementation-related rather than a limitation of Zotero or Oo; perhaps the forthcoming OO extension will address this.

    Fight on Zotero!
  • I am having this problem, but in my case, I want the entry in a caption to an illustration. Most frustrating.

    I did find that if the reference has already been used somewhere else that you coul then pick it up in the OO cross reference dialogue under the Insert reference option and that DOES insert OK. The problem is that the ZOTERO reference is unintelligible so you do not know which one you are picking up.

    I have not found anything in the forums about this being fixed. Is it on a fix list somewhere, and if not, how does one add it?
  • I'd just like to add my vote to this, being able to add citations to tables is pretty essential when writing manuscripts.
  • Add my vote too for references in frames and tables.
  • +1 for captions, frames and tables etc
  • That seems like a 'must have' for Zotero. EndNote is able to do it in MS-Word.
    the only way i could enter citation into a caption was to manually define caption as a separate paragraph (i.e. not in a frame) then adding the citation to the caption generated this way will solve the problem.
  • I just encountered this limitation. It would be nice to be able to insert references in tables / captions / frames!
  • +1 here too - are there any updates on this?
  • +1 vote for the ability to insert references in tables, captions and frames!
    I miss this feature very often, since whenever you insert a caption, openoffice writer creates a frame around the picture and the caption text.

    Thank you for developing this great software! Cheers!
  • +1 vote !

    Now, I just use a "personal code", which is in my notes in Zotero entries, in tables and captions, and wait the last time to add by hand the real references, but it's not really convenient.

    So, if the developers can add this ability in this excellent software, it would be really great !
  • +1 vote.

    Filling a grant application and need to insert references in the application's tables.
  • +1 Vote

    This is essential for me.
  • +1

  • Does anybody know whether this feature is being worked on?
  • Table support for Zotero 2.0 and the latest OpenOffice plugins are still not working.
  • Yes this will be a good feature to add no doubt
  • +1
    Very interested in having this feature.
  • +1 vote

    It is essencial if you're doing a review or just a simple article with a table... I hope someone could fix it!! 'cos till now the only way to do that is using MS word :-(

    From 2008 to now a days zotero has improved a lot with a large number of new features ans styles..., but this one I think is vital to achieve exellence!!

    Good job though! keep on!!!
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    I started another forum this a..m., had that cancelled and redirected here.
    So, I'll ask again.

    Does anyone understand why this is proving a problem for OO/Zotero? Is it the ODF document specification, or something else? Is there a timeline for fixing this problem.

    Zotero is such a wonderful tool it is unusual to come up against a meaningful limitation.

    Thanks Zotero team!
  • Writing an assignment for uni, and the lecturer requires us to use a specific template that is table based. So being able to enter citations in tables would have been nice.

    So +1 to this for me also.
  • +1 here too :)
  • - it's weird indeed how Zotero looks complete in many aspects and lacks this essential feature. I even find it unusual to call it a feature. Simply, because it's in the core citation function of any bibliographic task.
  • +1 from me - it would be nice to get feedback on whether this is worked on at all, and whether this is a Zotero or OOO issue - in the latter case it could be brought up with OOO developers.
  • +1 here. Logged bug at openoffice and at

  • Logged bug at openoffice and at
    As fas as I know, this is not a bug with either of those applications, though. Certainly the link to the locale file is not very useful!
  • +1 from my side
  • To clarify, the problem is that makes it very difficult to compare the positions of ReferenceMarks in table cells with ReferenceMarks in the rest of the body text. So difficult, in fact, that it's unclear whether it's even possible at all. Without being able to do this kind of comparison, it's impossible to order references properly, and thus impossible to edit references, it's impossible to create a bibliography in numbered styles, and it's impossible to determine whether a reference should be first or Ibid form. So for now, there is no citation-in-table functionality because the table API is a mess.

    For the techies among you, it's possible to get the that a ReferenceMark is in, but I haven't been successful in converting this to a text range that can somehow be compared with the body text using compareTextRange().
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