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  • This bug seems particularly relevant here.
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    That was a bit premature. It turns out that, with about 200 lines of code, it is in fact possible to do this. If you have a large document, integration will slow down considerably if you put references in tables because of the workaround necessary for the aforementioned bug. However, you can try the Integration Trunk XPI, now with support for tables. I should warn that this support is not very thoroughly tested, and probably shouldn't be tested with important documents unless you make very frequent backups. Nonetheless, given that this would be the largest change to the Zotero OpenOffice Integration 3.0 branch that I've made since the initial release, I would appreciate some testing before this gets pushed out to users who depend on it for their daily work.
  • Thanks Simon for clarifying the difficulties. I just ran into this issue and will work around it my manually referencing bib entries (~60) in the table. Man I wish more people in the health sciences used LaTeX and BibTex! Anyways, I really hope that the new approach works.
  • Simon > Thanks for the patch! I am trying Zotero trunk with the Trunk Word Processor Plugins right now. Inserting references into a single large table using the Public Library of Science seems to work fine and the references are numbered properly. I am having some warnings when I refreshed using the Chicago manual of style though: "Zotero experienced a error updating your document: citations is undefined"
  • Hi everybody,

    Sure this feature would be great !
    Meanwhile, it seems like the solution i found on another thread might work : if you have already inserted the citation you want in another part of the document, you can cite it within a caption (and probably a table also ?) through the crossref tool of Oo ("insert reference"). The problem is that the zotero references are quite inintelligible, but if you only remember the first few numbers or letters of the ref you want it should be OK.

    Another issue is that if you suppress your citation in the text, it will obviously create an error in the caption, since the ref in it points to a no longer existing citation. However, i did that, instead of installing a not yet tested module, and it seems to work fine for the moment...

    Hope it helped ! Thanks for using and/or developing zotero instead of endnote !
  • Thank you Mme Berthe! That works great except that you need to remember that the numbering will be based on the reference in the text, not where the figure caption is. I thought this was supposed to be part of OOo integration 3.0?

    Debian Squeeze, OOo 3.2.1, OOo integration 3.5b1
  • No. OOo Integration 3.0 was supposed to handle tables, which it does. It was never intended to handle citations in figure captions. Unless figure captions have an anchor in the main text, there is no way to number citations in them properly in OOo.
  • Citation in table cells works now. However, when adding a second citation in a cell, only one citation shows in a readable format. Other citation becomes some unintelligable code.

    Does anyone know how to insert more than one citation in a cell without this trouble?
  • +1 from me as well. I didn't even know Zotero couldn't add a reference into captions until two hours ago, when I painfully found out.
    Too bad, but in this case, one has to work around it with Mendeley i.e.

    Is this a planned feature for a future relase... maybe 3.0 final?
  • well yeah, I could use this as well since we're both not allowed to use latex but forced into word ^^.

    But then again, I think one could just use tables, don't know if the automatic numbering function of word works nicely with tables though. I can see how it's unfortunate that one cannot enter a citation in the fields that word clearly provides for the image caption and that therefore is very likely to see someone wanting to cite the image he/she inserted.
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    This thread is about references in tables, which have worked for years. For further discussion about why supporting references in image captions, see
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