Zotero 5.0 Beta

  • I have the same here as creik wrote.

    My Firefox did load a update for the Zotero-Connector silently and will install it with the next restart of Firefox.

    I'm working with the most actual Firefox and am using Zotero 4 in its latest release in the stable version.

    Hope all will work... I have 3 days of lectures in front and will be unpretty helpless if Zotero quits... Hope there will be no Zotexit...
  • My Firefox did load a update for the Zotero-Connector silently and will install it with the next restart of Firefox.
    What makes you say that? To be clear, there was a normal update to Zotero for Firefox — — the other day. That's not the connector. Zotero for Firefox has not been upgraded to the Zotero Connector yet.
  • Seems you're right.

    All the things with all the upcoming updates are somehow confusing with all that changes - Connector, Plugin, Standalone, what, when, ...

    So, what I saw was an update for Zotero for Firefox, seems to be no risk to make that upgrade.
  • I would like to thank you, Dan, and all the rest of the team - and make a request:
    When zotero cannot locate an attachment (File Not Found) it gives the option to manually "Locate ..." Would it be possible to integrate this function with search tools such as catfish so that a "Search" option becomes part of the "Select a File" dialog opened by the "Locate .." button?
  • Haven't found any discussion yet about 5.0 and using Zotero on an iPad. I used ZotPad for a long time and switched to PaperShip more recently. If I upgrade to 5.0 will ZotPad or PaperShip iPad apps still work? Has there been any testing on this, or is it up to the app developers (and, if so, any idea if they are working on this?).
  • The apps are not affected by the Zotero 4 to 5 change (they work through the API, which isn't affected by this change), so all expectations would be that they continue to work as well as they do now (which I'm not sure how great that is -- my sense is that PaperShip isn't doing much work or support on the app anymore and ZotPad's developer isn't working on it at all, afaik)
  • Thanks Mate, nice to know they'll still work. I think you are correct, not much work on ZotPad, which is why I switched. They both have things I like over the other one and they both fall short in some ways. A shame that there isn't more energy in this space given how powerful the combination of Zotero and a tablet are - great for reading, but also for annotation.
  • I could imagine that Shazino’s lack of enthusiasm regarding Papership might have something to do with them collaborating more closely with—and having sold their "flagship app" Hivebench to—Elsevier, which also owns Mendeley. Elsevier is scarcely likely to be encouraging their new partner in the development of an app designed to benefit Mendeley’s competition.
  • I've been quietly following this thread for a while. I've seen a lot of questions about manually attaching PDFs, but I haven't noticed anybody asking about snapshots. I very often manually attach page snapshots. Sometimes it's because the translator for a given library or journal doesn't do it automatically. This is the case at the library where I currently work. Other times, I do it to capture something a translator wouldn't normally fetch and shouldn't fetch, like the full text (in HTML) of an imaged document. EEBO is the main source for the latter.

    In Zotero for Firefox, it was very easy. I've held off trying the beta because I don't want to create extra work for myself until it's necessary.

    The easiest workaround in 5.0 I can imagine is to duplicate the capture, manually selecting webpage instead of the default book/article, and then dragging the attachments into the main item? Is that correct?

    Thank you. I'm excited for most of the other features.
  • Me again: I have one other, separate question. Does the new connector drop everything into the main "My Library" section, or is it able to use the folder last used in Standalone? That was another very convenient feature of Zotero for Firefox.

    Thanks again.
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    @MG6: Both of these things are the same as Zotero for Firefox. You can easily save webpage items and snapshots from the connectors, and items save to the currently selected collection in Zotero. (Neither of these are 5.0 features.)
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    Oh, sorry, you mean adding a snapshot to an existing item. That's not currently possible via the connectors, but, as you say, you can save a webpage item with a snapshot, drag the snapshot to the other item in Zotero, and delete the webpage item.
  • That was quick! Thanks!

    Partly for bpmcrae's benefit, I'll add that I'm really looking forward to the new stacked view for small screens. I have a small Windows tablet. The main reason I got it was that it runs Zotero natively, so no need for a 3rd-party app, as on the iPad.
  • Hi,
    I looked around but I could not find any answer, so I hope I am not double posting...
    Anyway, I have just downloaded Zotero standalone for mac, and I was trying to import feeds from Feedly and/or Inoreader without success (or any errors). Basically, when I click on the file, nothing seems to happen. However, when I manually add a feed link, it is working fine.
    any idea? thanks
  • Hey guys, any word on a potential release date for 5.0? No word on this for a while, it seems.

    I'm already starting to get training requests for the fall semester and I'd love to know if I should expect to be doing at least another semester of 4.x or if I'll need to hustle to update my materials and train my faculty usergroup before summer's out.

    Thanks for all the work you do! Looking forward to the public release.
  • Zotero 5.0 is now available.

    I mentioned it in the post, but I wanted to thank everyone in this thread who has helped test and improve 5.0 over the last year. (And for everyone who has wanted to try 5.0 but hasn't wanted to run the beta, thanks for your patience!)

    If you're currently running the beta, you can either stay on that or reinstall the release version from the download page. For the time being they'll stay pretty close, with the release version occasionally slightly behind, but we may start testing out some new (and potentially less stable) things on the beta track in the near future. (We're going to make every effort to merge those quickly and avoid another long-running dev branch, though.) If you're comfortable running beta software and have good backups, we'd love to have you stay on the beta track.

    If you're still having trouble with something in 5.0, start a new thread and we'll work to fix it. And if you were hoping for a feature that didn't make 5.0, do not fret: 5.0 lays the groundwork for many more changes to come.

    Thanks again!
  • This is really exciting! Congratulations on the release.
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