Standalone dropbox sync

  • adamsmith: You can use Dropbox for groups file storage. I know at least two people who use this succesfully. But I would not recommend this setup to anyone.
  • I mean - it depends on the meaning of "works" - I realize you can get something to work, but you have a bunch of issues, including, as we discussed the last time this came up, that all files in my library from both users are also synced, you have the conflict resolution issues you mention...
    I really don't think this has much to do with Zotero's business model - they did work with Will to implement relative links, which makes using dropbox on individual accounts much easier, for example. It's generally the case that Dan won't implement things that provide a crappy user experience, which I think we both agree this would.
  • Yes, this would be very difficult to implement in a way that does not cause problems. I know two people that have this working fairly well, but if it caused problems for even 1% of users, then it would be a support nightmare.
  • What should I do? I already put my zotero folders in dropbox?
    And I have used it this way for an year, everything works fine. Can you explain more clearly why I have the risk of collapsing my data base?
    Thank you!
  • quote
    there have been a whole number of problems caused by the fact that syncing using dropbox can corrupt your zotero database if you have Firefox open on both computers at the time of syncing.

    So is it fine if I only have one computer working with the database?

    Thank you!
  • In theory it should probably be ok as long as Dropbox behaves as expected. On the other hand, it's not that difficult to have only your file attachments synced through Dropbox and the database synced through Have a read here:
  • The link helps.
    Thank you Aurimas.
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