Organizing saved searches

Is there a way to move a saved search so it is a child folder of a collection? I'd like to be able to organize my saved searches if possible.
  • Hi,
    yes this would be a nice feature, I'm looking for, too.
  • Yes, I'm hitting the point where my saved searches are taking up too much room in my Collections. Being able to dump them all into a separate folder would be handy.

  • I've collections and corresponding searches for quite a lot of very different topics, so it would be nice to see them somehow in collection-folders...

  • I have too many saved searches at the top level. It would be nice to place them as subfolders under my project specific folders.
  • Appologies for resurecting such an old thread - but was a ticket ever created for this? It really would be great if saved searches could be moved around just like folders can.
  • +1
    [But note that "collections" are not "folders"]
  • A ticket for this exists.
  • Appologies Dan, I was searching for "advanced search" in Trac and missed it.
  • Adding my voice to this request ! The ticket has been opened already 3 years ago, so i just hope it doesn't get forgotten...
    In addition to what others have said, i'd like to add that if you use saved searches as your main way to organize your library (as i do), the "Unfiled Items" feature, which is great, becomes useless because it doesn't "take into account" saved searches, only collections.
  • Yes, this would greatly enhance my work flow. Tags are my primary means of accessing my items, and saved searches my primary means of filtering by tags, although the current (v 2.1.6) tag selector is thoroughly awesome and a close second.

    Being able to "filter" or group saved searches by collection would also make the Word plugin much more useful for me, as I much prefer inserting a citation by using a key combination within Word rather than having to drag and drop, etc. I generally use tag based saved searches to locate the item I want to cite, but having saved searches in a huge flat list makes this difficult. Also, the quick search in the Word "insert citation" dialog doesn't work very well for this purpose.
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    I don't mean to be a pest (I last asked 2 years ago), but I want to say that this remains one of my most desired features. The ticket doesn't show a lot of activity. Thank you.
  • I think it would be great too... Collections need maintaining like old-fashioned windows explorer/file manager. Smart folders require tags and off you go.
  • Agreed, this would be very helpful. Hope it is implemented soon.
    Thanks very much.
  • Would love this feature too!
  • YES! This needs to happen! The saved searches in the 'My Library' area need to be organised into folders.
  • I support adding this feature too. It doesn't seem like it would be that hard to do. We're more than 2 years in...
  • @dhummel: Everyone agrees this would be a good improvement. But one has to code it! Zotero has limited resources and the developers are focused on high-priority features.
  • This is a great and desirable feature and it deserves a high priority!
  • Providing a way to organize saved searches would be very useful to me too.
  • +1 on this feature request too.
  • for me too!!!
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    I am also looking for this feature (organizing the saved searches into subcollections).
  • Hello,

    after 6 years since the first request, I would like to ask if there is any news. My collection is getting too long because of all my saved searches. :(

    Thank you
  • no news on this, no.
  • Ok , thank you. I hope my post could be a remind on this topic :P A movable search could help me to remove few folders (that at the moment I am using to collect articles already present somewhere else in the collection).

  • I am wondering whether "no news" means that definitely no solution to this problem is to be expected at all?
  • Piping up to second the request for "file-able" searches. m
  • This would be incredibly helpful. I'd like to clean up the pile of folders underneath "My Library" in the lefthand pane. Would love to just shove those old saved searches into a folder called "saved searches" to get them out of view.
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