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  • Hi Joscha,
    thank you very much for the new version!
    I'd like to report one minor bug: The result of the renaming rule option 'Truncate title after . or : or ?' is correctly shown in the Preview field, but - at least for ':' - not executed.
    Even more minor: Changes in the 'Additional Settings' are not visible in the Preview field unless closing and re-opening the ZotFile Preferences dialogue.
  • Hi Joscha,

    thank you for the new version! I would like to make a request for the next release... Do you think it is possible to put an option concerning the renaming of files, so that they can be renamed automatically just when they are added on when the user wants it, and send to and get from tablet without asking every time if you want to rename it? when you try to send a larger amount of files the messages are getting quite annoying...

    thank you. I really appreciate your job!
  • First of all: ZotFile is just awsome!!!

    The note extraction feature is extraordinary! However, I'd like to feed back, that I think that notes, that are connected to highlighting should be more connected in the extracted text.

    There's a paragraph in between the note and the highlighted text although I feel they should be even more linked than just being one after the other: i think they should even be in the same paragraph!

    One of my usages is for translating english words that I've never come across to german, e.g. I just underlined "salient" and commented "herausstechend" on it, but it gets:

    <p><em>herausstechend (note on p.624)</em></p>
    <p><span style="text-decoration: underline;">"salient" (Chervin and Burns 2011:624)</span></p>

    So I think the "</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>" could be replaced with "<br/> ":

    <p><em>herausstechend (note on p.624)</em><br/>
    <span style="text-decoration: underline;">"salient" (Chervin and Burns 2011:624)</span></p>
  • There seems to be a new bug in the updatez Zotfile. When I've tried to rename files, the script has automatically created a new folder (which it calls "ZotFile_") in which to place the file instead of placing it in the folder in which all previous files had been placed. My renaming rules and subfolder definitions have all remained the same.

    Let me know if anyone else encounters this.
  • I'd like to report one (reproducible?) bug. When I try to set base folder for tablet files with special character (with diacretic) in its path, it's not saved correctly in Zotfile (windows, zotero standalone). E.g. try to create a directory with letter "ř" (R with caron) and then set this directory as base folder.

  • I have a feature request for Zotfile's renaming rules: a wildcard specifically for the last author on a publication. In engineering, the primary investigator is typically last in the author list. Including the last author in file names therefore provides special information.

    I wrote some code to make %l (lowercase L) give the last author's last name, which suffices for my use case. A patch against commit 6b35eb is here: http://pastebin.com/9LfaWNLX . This solves my use case, but long-term it would be nice to have this feature incorporated into the official version of Zotfile.

    Thanks for providing such a useful Zotero extension.
  • I'm experiencing a bug similar to nathankurz's. Since I upgraded, when I choose "rename attachment," zotfile copies it to a new folder named the same as my chosen destination folder but with an underscore - "Zotero attachments_" instead of "Zotero attachments". This is key for me because I cloudsync everything in my "Zotero attachments" folder.

    I've loved zotfile up to this point, thanks!
  • kguimond and nathankurz, can you try this version and let me know whether it fixes the problem? You are both using subfolders, right?

    ondrej.spacek, this is a known bug and I tried to fix it without successes.

    nathankurz and thilo, I can't reproduce this.

    thilo about the preview, I know but it's only a problem on Windows (and maybe linux) and don't have a windows machine to fix it.

    Breath, you should be able to disable pretty much all the user prompts (not the small info windows though).

    antikorpo, I have added a ticket for that.

    jpeloquin, can you send a pull request on github for this?
  • Thanks for the quick response! Unfortunately it still does the same thing. I even rebooted and tried it with a new file.
  • Can you give me some more info? Your exact settings for dest folder, subfolder? System? etc
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    I'm having the same problem as nathankurz and kguimond.
    OS X 10.8.2
    Firefox 19
    Zotero 3.0.14
    Zotfile 2.3

    Location of Files/Custom Location: /Users/[username]/Documents/Zotero
    Use subfolder defined by /%A/%a

    I'm happy to give any other info that might be helpful
  • Scratch that, I was having the same problem but the version that you linked to above fixed it.
    Thank you!
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    The fix (with some other small changes) is under review at mozilla as version 2.3.1. I hope it gets approved quickly. You can already install it from here. Sorry for the problems.

    kguimond, let me know about your set-up.
  • Hi Josha,
    I experienced the same problem of kguimond, but with the new update everything looks ok. thank you.

    Concerning the renaming issue, maybe I am doing something wrong.

    What I wanted to do is: automatically rename new files when I attach them (I set automatically rename on "always rename" and unticked "ask user when attaching new files"), the chance to add my input to file name (I ticked "add user input to file name")and to do not ask to rename files when I send them or get them from tablet. In this case, every time i send them or get them back a prompt ask me to add my input name for every each file is moving (sometimes i m sending something like 10 files...) if i set in hidden function ".disable_renaming=true" I dont get any prompt message and it is not going to change the name of the attachment when i send them BUT I am not able to change the name with the right click neither. So my request should be: do you think there is any chance to "block" the renaming function during send or get action but let me to rename the file from parent (for example when i need to change some old file according with the new rules that I created) using the function "right click - rename attachment" ?

    thank you
  • There is an option on the tablet setting tab to disable renaming when sending and getting files to/from the tablet. That should work but if it doesn't, the problem is the user input part, which I haven't tested for a long time.
  • Here are the details on my system:
    Mac OS 10.6.8
    Firefox 12.0

    Destination folder: /Users/kguimond/Desktop/Zotero attachments
    Subfolders defined by: /%T

    I also tried upgrading to zotfile 2.3.1 and got the same behavior.

  • I don't know if it's going to help, but you should update Firefox - version 12.0 is quite outdated.
  • Sorry, I can't reproduce this. Does anyone else has the problem? Try to pin it down possibly also by trying on a different computer.
  • I had the same problem as above with a new folder for automatic zotfile storage with an underscore at the end, but the patch you provided here totally fixed it.

    I'm now a graduate student and let me just say, I don't know how you you do it. Thank you so much!!! Big love to zotfile!
  • I upgraded to Firefox 19 and that fixed it.

    Thanks for the tip adamsmith! Firefox isn't my usual browser.

    Thank you Joscha for your help, and for zotfile!
  • Hi Josha,

    Absolutely love the idea of your app but I am having trouble trying to set the source folder for syncing with my tablet. I have just installed ZotFile and Zotero for the first time, Zotero is working fine but for some reason with ZotFile when I try to select a folder in Dropbox I keep getting a ZotFile error "Zotfile Error The source folder is not valid please change the the [sic] source folder under Zotero-Actions-Zotfile Preferences. You might have to use a custom folder."

    Not sure what to do,
  • Maybe this issue? https://github.com/jlegewie/zotfile/issues/52
    I commented on it in one of my last posts...
  • Don't think so, there are only plain letters and '\' in the base folder extension
  • Actually no don't worry, I sorted it out, for some reason when I selected a source folder it didn't remember it so each time I went back in the source folder location field was empty again, I used a different computer and it worked. So I restarted my computer again and that seems to have fixed the problem.

    Cheers anyway, was great to have a quick reply :)
  • I use {%s} for naming journal. But many abreviation have dot, which cause problem for the filename. Is it possible to add option to remove all dots?
  • That should be possible with an improvement in the renaming format, which should make it for the next version. The hidden option `removePeriods` might already do what you want but I am not sure about that.

    Contributors for 2.4?
    I would like to implement some improvements that go along with the forthcoming Zotero 4.0 (changelog) but I am very busy right now and it will take some time. Any contributions are welcome! Here is a list of issues for version 2.4. I am happy to comment with further details in the respective threads.

    Bug reports?
    Are there any bug reports for the current version? Note that I will only be able to fix reproducible bugs for 2.4.
  • @Joscha
    Yes, it works! Don't know if it causing problem elsewhere but renaming without dot is ok. Thanks. Maybe just make it more obvious under HIDDEN OPTIONS in help page would be perfect.
    Thanks a lot for this extension!
  • Zotfile 2.3.1 is not renaming files automatically for me.
    I am running OSX 10.8.3, Firefox 19.0.2, Zotero 3.0.11

    Also, in Zotero when I click "ZotFile Preferences..." in the Actions menu, nothing happens.

    I don't think there is a problem on my Linux machine, so probably something Mac-related. Will check Linux again to be sure.
  • This is unlikely to change anything but you should upgrade to Zotero
  • edited March 20, 2013
    Amazingly, updating to Zotero did the trick. Thanks!

    --Update: It worked once, but I've just added another reference and this time Zotfile did NOT rename the attachments. Strange.
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