In Primo VE, Zotero Connector not recognizing individual items, only lists

Zotero Connector is not recognizing when an individual item record is opened in Primo VE. When I open a list of results using Primo VE in Chrome, the Zotero Connector shows a folder icon. When I open the record for an individual item, there is still the folder icon. When I click the folder icon when the individual item is open, a popup shows the list of results with checkboxes, just as if I hadn't opened the individual item.
  • Technically this is still a multi-item view with just one item in the foreground. Primo VE does have an actual single item view (e.g. Rutgers here: )
    and that shows a book & imports individually.

    Getting the book item for the pseudo-single view might be more fragile than is worth it.
  • I think this might be resolved in the Primo November release
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