ZotFile: How to install the development version with the latest changes

Currently, the latest ZotFile release is v5.0.16 (Feb 5, 2020). For a more up-to-date version, you might want to install the development version. It fixes an issue with the title of ZotFile's Extracted Annotations. (If you don't need this fix, you can keep using v5.0.16.)

To install the development version, follow this instruction:
(If you can run the make command, steps 3 and 4 below aren't necessary.)

Here are some more details in case the description isn't clear to you:

1. Download this file: https://github.com/jlegewie/zotfile/zipball/master/

2. Extract the .zip file

3. Create a new .zip file, as explained here, with these files and directories:

(The other files and directories aren't needed, so you can delete them.)

4. Rename the .zip file to .xpi

5. Install
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