ZotFile: Extracted annotation filename include part of first annotation

This behavior started today, as far as I know.
When I Manage Attachments | Extract annotations, an annotation file is created. However, the name will have part of the annotation in the note name:

Extracted Annotations (2/13/2021, 5:24:34 PM)"The four levels Bernstein7 distinguished in motor control were the level o

If I double-click the note, the name changes to:
Extracted Annotations (2/13/2021, 5:24:34 PM)

or if I switch from my collection to the main library, the note name will also be changed.
If I don't do something to correct the note name (i.e. double-click to open the note), then Batch export to markdown will result in a file with the very long name.

I'm a bit new to Zotero, ZotFile, etc. so hopefully this isn't something obvious.

Thanks for suggestions!
  • The title displayed for notes is typically their first line, so this isn't really surprising. Not sure why it'd change after you double-click, but it's possible that introduces a slight tweak to the html which the notes contain under the hood and that'd cause that.

    It's not a filename -- notes aren't files anywhere.

    I don't quite understand how you're exporting to markdown -- that's not a Zotero feature, but presumably it shouldn't include notes anyway?
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