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Hi all,

I was unable to find a proper solution to my issue. The closest previous discussion is this:

I would like to duplicate the entire group library - meaning duplicating also all (!) information. For now I am able to drag&drop the folders, in this way entries and tags are copied to a new group library. However, information such as "related", which we used enormously in the project, was not copied.

Is there a way to literally duplicate the libary or export also the related info and re-import OR copy also the related info with drag&drop?
  • Related items aren't currently transferred between libraries. (They can't transfer by definition if you drag only some of the items, and there's currently no mechanism for transferring just the related items that are present in the set of dragged items.)
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    Ok, thank you :)

    However, is it possible copy or duplicate a group library in any way?

    The info on "relatedness" must be safed somewhere, right?

    Or is there eventually an other work-around such as save the entire zotero data, then import it with a new account that is not part of the group library?
  • As I say, this isn't currently supported. We have an open ticket for it, but it's not a common request. We'll happily take a patch for this if someone wants to contribute one.
  • I would be very interested as well in copying groups, thanks!
  • I am also interested in copying groups and keeping the related items in the copying process.

    Are there any updates?

    Many thanks!
  • I am also interested in copying an entire group (that was shared with me and the owner has now left my organization)
  • Same situation here. The owner of the group left our organization and I'd like to copy the group.
  • Me too. I created a group library but I'm the only one using it and it doubles the work of searching as I have to search two different collections each time.
  • I would also love to copy a group!
  • Same here, I'd also be interested!
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