Plans for developing a Word add-in on iOS

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  • Are there plans for developing a Word add-in on iOS? That would allow me to finally use my iPad for work.
  • It's not currently possible to create a satisfactory plugin for Word on iOS, but we're in touch with Microsoft about the technical changes we'd need to make it happen, and it's something we hope to offer in the future.
  • Any updates on inserting citation (plugin for Word ) on iOS ?
  • (the last answer is 9 days ago; this is going to move in months at best, certainly not days)
  • Disappointing!!!!!!!
  • @mfatehy: Complain to Microsoft, not us.

    Note that an upcoming version of the iOS app will add support for generating citations and bibliographies, but Microsoft doesn’t give us the tools we need to create a proper Word plugin on iOS.
  • Hello,
    Is there now a word plugin on iOS ? I can’t find it.

    Thank you,
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    We've continued talking with Microsoft about what we'd need here, but no, nothing has changed to make this possible.
  • Mendeley has a good addon working on Word for iPadOS. Zotero needs one like this
  • @mfatehy: Mendeley has a Word add-on with literally over a thousand one-star reviews. We have a different definition of "good".
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