Brave browser: Zotero Connector cannot contact Zotero desktop app


When I try to use Zotero connector in the Brave browser, I get the error message "Is Zotero running?"

I've completed the following debugging steps:
- Zotero desktop app is installed
- Can load "" -> I get "Zotero Connector Server is Available"
- Zotero connector works on a different browser (Firefox)
- Disabling all other extensions did not help

Furthermore, I've logged the errors via the Advanced Settings and saw
(3)(+0000001): HTTP POST

(3)(+0000016): Connector: Method ping failed with status 0
which seems weird to me since loading the URL worked.

The docs [1] mention "whitelist port 23119 in the extension's settings" but I did not find any such option in the extension's settings.

Could you help me with figuring out where I went wrong? :)

Thanks much for your answer in advance.

  • You're probably better off posting on Brave's support channels. The debug log (specifically the "failed with status 0") indicates, that something in the browser blocked the connection to the Zotero client, possibly something in Brave's privacy extensions/features, but we cannot offer much guidance beyond that.
  • Ok I see. Thanks for your help! :)
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