Translation: documentation and transifex


How transifex works with zotero? There is a extract that is already translated at transifex ($/96728210?q=text:'unlinking+your+account'), but at my zotero it still shows in english. Is it because is not reviewd yet?

About documentation translation, I already asked for permission to write, thinking about not having paralels instructions in portuguese (in our university website). But I saw some discussions about not having Zotero documentation in other languages, but also this one about Z-francophone team ( Is it possible that we made a similar effort for portuguese documentation?

  • Updated translations are pulled from Transifex periodically when Zotero releases a new version.

    See here for how to request editing permission for the wiki:

    Though, as discussed in that thread, I might suggest hosting a separate Portuguese documentation elsewhere, rather than localizing the wiki pages.
  • Thanks, @bwiernik !

    I think I already did alll those steps and never got a response.

    We kind of do that already, but as we see sometimes a lot of other institutions doing the same, we thought that it would be better for users to centralize information. As already has some documentation in portuguese...
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