Zotfile not moving files?

edited October 12, 2020
I recently set up Zotero (5.0.91) on my new MacBook and I am now having difficulty using Zotfile (5.0.16): when I add an article via the Zotero Chrome extension, on my new Macbook the file gets saved to my Zotero data folder, instead of my own PDF folder where I would like it to go.
This works fine on my old machine, which still uses Zotero 5.0.90.

I don't know whether the problem is Zotero or Zotfile...

Here are the details:

new Macbook (macOS 10.15.7)
* Zotero 5.0.91
* Zotfile 5.0.16
* PDF wrongly saving to Zotero data folder

old Macbook (macOS 10.15.6)
* Zotero 5.0.90
* Zotfile 5.0.16
* PDF correctly moved to my preferred location

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