Zotero on new computer - how to copy over Preferences and Add-Ons

edited January 21, 2019
In the process of setting up Zotero on a new computer. Both old and new computers are Windows 10. How do I copy over: (1) Zotero Preferences and (2) Add-ons and their settings

Should I close Zotero on new computer, delete contents in Zotero profile folder, and copy over *all* the contents of the Zotero profile from old computer?

Already copied over my Zotero folder from C:/users/username/Zotero. Launched Zotero after installation and my library looks fine. However, the settings in Preferences are not mirrored and my add-ons are not automatically installed. Zotero on new computer is synced to my profile.

  • Yes, you can just copy over the entire profile directory contents as you describe. At least prefs.js and the extensions folder
  • Thanks, it looks good now. I copied the two you mention plus extensions.ini and extensions.json.

    Which file has the settings/options for the extensions?
  • prefs.js. Extensions store their preferences there too.
  • Thanks. Is there a page that talks about how to move preferences between computers, and in general a brief description of the many files found in the Profile and Zotero folders? I might have missed it. But if there isn't one, it would be useful to include one in the kb.
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