How to copy bibtex citation key most quickly?

Is there any way to copy an item's bibtex citation key using keyboard only? Or to add it to the context menu when an item is highlighted? Currently I am using the mouse to highlight and right-click copy the key. I was hoping that Zutilo would offer an option to do this in its configurable menu, but I don't see it. This would really help my workflow. Thanks.
  • If you haven’t already, install the BetterBibTeX plugin. Then, you can set your default Export format to be the BBT citation key (which has the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+C and can also be used with drag and drop). You can also set any of Zutilo’s additional Quick Copy formats to the BibTeX citation key export format and then assign a keyboard shortcut to those.
  • Thanks. For others trying to do this, setting the Quick Copy format to a specific format is actually a bit tricky - check instructions here:
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