Dark Mode for Windows 10

  • Dark mode on the iOS app is great, please add it to the Windows version as well. It's awful to read a PDF in light mode.
  • Hello. First of all, I would like to thank and congratulate you for the 6.0 version, it is epic.

    On this occasion, I was going to make a small suggestion, but before opening a topic, I searched the forum and found that there are already requests for dark mode/theme. Actually, in advanced settings, I found some lines such as dark/sepia option, but when I modified it, nothing changed. There are also some background color codes that can be adjusted, but frankly, I didn't want to touch the detailed settings.

    Therefore, I think it would be very useful to be able to choose a theme such as dark/sepia in the settings as a standard, especially since the PDF reader is also included.

  • I support the dark theme, it's more comfortable for the eyes
  • I made a plugin to help ease the pain until there is native dark-mode support for Zotero, also does dark mode for the reader!

  • I just made my own Windows10 DarkMode and posted it on Github - took Rosmaninho's version and dove a bit deeper into the CSS to make some small changes. I also removed a lof of the code that wasn't windows 10 relevant and added some extra comments.

  • Also needed a darkmode here plz. If anyone has an ipad, the new zotero app, at least, has darkmode.
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    @ThomasJorna, this is the most thorough implementation I have seen. Thank you! The only tidbit I would mention is that on Windows 10, the commas are out of place in the editing panel on the right (they appear in the middle of the line next to the authors' last names). This appears to be due to the additional padding introduced throughout this panel. Thanks again--both to you and to others like @lmicoltadiaz and Rosmaninho who have worked to make dark mode available in Zotero.
  • +1 dark mode for Windows version
  • dark mode go go go
  • @Aporias @Zamomin you'd might also like 'zotero-night' (https://github.com/tefkah/zotero-night) a plugin adding dark mode to zotero. It's based on the code by Rosmaninho (https://github.com/Rosmaninho/Zotero-Dark-Theme) but evolved since then. Theming the pdf reader is also possible.
  • would be grate an add-on archive to induce dark mode for windows version!
  • must needed dark mode
  • @ everyone piling on, it's useful to read upthread, try existing solutions mentioned there, and report back if there's something you are still missing. Especially Zotero Night (https://github.com/tefkah/zotero-night) should already cover most of your dark mode needs.

    What you post here might then come in the form of feedback on especially useful aspects or loose ends, improving life for the Zotero developers.
  • Zotero Night is already a great blessing for sore eyes! Thank you - Nicely done.
  • As others said Zotero Night saved my eyes. Thank you.
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