Dark Mode for Windows 10

Is there going to be any dark mode feature for Zotero for windows 10? I found out macOS has already received the feature. It will be really helpful if the developers integrate it.
  • Dark Mode isn't supported on any platform currently, but it's planned.
  • "Yes" to dark mode for all platforms. I would make it the #1 priority for Zotero dev, if I ruled the world. Thank you for your hard work @dstillman .
  • Dark mode on Windows10 will be very nice. I really appreciate if you guys implement this feature.
  • We have been waiting this feature for almost 2 years. Please get this done as soon as possible!
  • @dstillman any progress on that ?
  • I would love to have this feature!
  • I've mentioned this on other threads about dark mode, and not everyone likes it, but in case it's helpful:
    I use a simple utility called NegativeScreen (https://zerowidthjoiner.net/negativescreen), which works on your entire display, and inverts darks and lights while attempting to preserve colours overall. So I just leave all Windows applications in light mode and use NegativeScreen when I want everything in dark mode. That way I don't have to worry about the fact that some applications have dark modes and others don't. It's also really easy to use keyboard shortcuts to toggle NegativeScreen on and off.
  • @dstillman & devs: one more vote in favour of the idea of a Dark Mode for Zotero's GUI, insofar as it is possible - with thanks!
  • I'll add my vote!
  • +1. I just started using Zotero and love it; the only feature I can think of adding is a dark mode feature for Windows 10 that has light, dark, and system default options.

    Not a dealbreaker that dark mode's not there since Zotero's so great otherwise, but it'd be a huge quality of life improvement.
  • Dark mode pretty please! :)
  • Created an account for the sole purpose of adding my vote to this. I long for the addition of a dark mode.
  • Dark mode would be especially good if it was extended to the fantastic new PDF functionality. I have a couple of PDF apps (Xodo on Android and Drawboard PDF on Windows) that have document dark mode in which the colors on the PDFs themselves are reversed, as well. Very, very nice.
  • I also would like to politely request that the developers please prioritize Dark Mode. I've been a paying Zotero subscriber for years, and Zotero is one of only two programs I use on a daily basis that hasn't yet implemented a Dark Mode. This is not just an aesthetic preference - it is important for people who get headaches from looking at too much light. Please, please move dark mode to the top of the queue of features to be developed. It is the most important missing feature, and it is easier to implement than other things that have been worked on, such as the integrated PDF reader and note editor coming in Zotero 6. Thank you so much for considering the needs of your users.
  • it is easier to implement than other things that have been worked on, such as the integrated PDF reader and note editor coming in Zotero 6.
    It's not, really — it requires a complete redesign of every single part of Zotero. Short of that and you can achieve an effect of similar quality with a third-party utility that inverts the colors of an application.

    In any case, we're well aware of the demand here and will do it as soon as we're able to.

    Note that Zotero for iOS, now in beta, fully supports Dark Mode, including for reading PDFs.
  • @dstillman I just checked out the dark mode in iOS and I must say it looks fantastic. I like the dark mode iconography. Whoever did those deserves a shoutout. Really nice.
  • I also really hope we can get a dark mode soon. I really like Zotero, great piece of software and very helpful for my research. However, as jrissman said, Zotero is now one of the few programs I use in a the daily basis that's still lacking a dark mode.

    Also, I hope an Android version in already in the works.
  • "Not everyone likes a dark mode", well... "Not everyone likes a light mode", in fact, some people have migraines or have to work until late at night. It is not a mere question of preference, but a need for many people (like myself).
  • Dark mode is definitely a need. Especially when we are working hours on this app for research, light mode is an eye killer.

    Also dark mode looks more classy :)
  • +1 on Dark Mode for Zotero on Windows!

    In the new beta PDF reader, dark mode for PDFs would be fantastic. If that's too difficult to implement, then the option to change the PDF background to off-white (grey or sepia) would be much appreciated.
  • There a workaround to use dark mode in windows. A CSS file to use in "...Profiles\user_profile.default\chrome" folder.

    It's not perfect and not apply dark mode in some interface elements, but it's something while devs are working in a real solution.

    This file is hosted in github: https://github.com/Rosmaninho/Zotero-Dark-Theme
  • Hey! Just another vote in favour of dark mode on Zotero. It really hurts my eyes working for hours in front of a white screen).
    Thank you for your work! :)
  • Zotero is incredibly helpful to me, but it does cause hella-bad eyestrain. Dark mode would make spending hours and hours daily using the app a lot more comfortable. Please and TIA for that as a feature.
  • It's really a mystery how Zotero has no dark mode. Have devs been living in the dark ages? Apps with no darkmode is so 1999.
  • Zotero is fantastic, but my top request would be a Dark Mode. Also, @renard162 thank you for the interim solution
  • Just wanted to add another voice to the thread of requests for this.
  • Backing this up, it's pretty high up on what I think would make Zotero much better.
  • +1
    I couldn't get Rosmaninho's Dark Theme to work, so I would really appreciate an out of the box dark mode (across all OSs).
  • As I've grown older my sensitivity to light has become extraordinary. If I hit a light screen like Zotero in full screen it's like looking at the sun. Then there are spots all day. Not complaining about Zotero, per se, it's the same with every app that doesn't have a dark mode. Wanted to put in my voice as well as I simply can't use it at this point and everyone who's used Zotero a while knows what that's going to be like. Thanks to all the devs helping with it.
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