Suggestion/Request regarding metadata presentation

It would be really helpful if the Notes, Tags, and Related tabs had a flag of some sort indicating that they were populated. Ideally this would be a number indicating how many there were for that item (similar to apps showing notifications), but even just a color or bold text or symbol to indicate when they are populated would be helpful. This would save a lot of time opening tabs or expanding the item to see if you have tags or related items associated.
Even better, it would be great if the assigned tags were shown in a read-only list on the bottom of the Info tab for quick reference, but I understand how that particular request could be a slippery slope of what else should then be added.
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    What you propose seems to be a planned feature. There is a related pull request on github: See here and here for pictures. I'm guessing that the Zotero developers are holding off on such interface improvements until bigger changes on the development platform have been made, see here. BTW, a similar feature has also been proposed in this discussion.

    A related proposal in this discussion is to show the number of tags and related items in the middle pane, in the same way as the number of notes is shown currently. See here for a picture. This has the advantage that the information is presented not only for a single item, but for all items that are currently shown in the middle pane. It might also be more straightforward than the option with the tabs (less UI considerations), and makes sense (to me) from a consistency perspective (why a column for the number of notes, but not for tags).
  • Thanks for the info.
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