Tag and tag count columns in the list of items

It would be nice to have two new columns: one with the item tag count and the second one – with the tags themselves (e.g. comma-separated).

It is currently impossible to quickly find untagged items or those that are tagged insufficiently. A user has to click through each item separately to perform such task.

I believe that something like this would not be difficult and long to implement. There is a note count column already, it works well and is very helpful.

Sorry if the topic is duplicate. The only mentioning of this problem I have found is the github issue, which was closed a year ago without any discussion (http://github.com/zotero/zotero/issues/179).
  • An advanced search for "Tag" "does not contain" "%" will find all of the untagged items. Check the "Show only top-level items" box to avoid catching attachments and notes without tags.
  • Brenton, thanks for this hint – I didn’t know ‘%’ worked as a wildcard in search.

    I still think that tag and tag count columns would be useful though. They will be really helpful to overview the situation with tags in any catalog removing a need to go through additional clicks to filter items: http://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/9743/10162828.2/0_734a0_99a1042d_orig.png

    I don’t see any pitfalls in having this feature implemented apart from some time costs needed to modify code for the ‘note count‘ column.
  • we'll get this eventually:
    I have no input into the tag counter column - I doubt core devs are going to do it any time soon, though, so if it is going to happen it'd have to be a patch.
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    adamsmith, I don’t think that pull request #175 covers the same issue as this topic. They were suggesting something like this: http://imgur.com/379zW

    Tag count in that case can be only visible for one currently selected item, while a column in a list gives information on all elements in the given collection.
  • I understand that they're different. I'm telling you what is and what isn't likely to happen in the near to medium future.
  • That’s sad if it’s true. I guess the implementation of such enhancement would take just an hour to a person who is knows zotero internals well. The longest part would be probably making the tag icon smaller to fit the size of the table header. Tag count column is identical to note count, and the list of tags is just a standard text column generated by joining the array of tags with ‘, ’.

    I would do it myself, but it will take me longer as I’m not familiar with what Zotero is like inside.

    Any volunteers?
  • Please add this! Just switched from Papers and they had a tags colukn, very much miss this feature!
  • I am also looking for a way to find the items that are insufficiently tagged. Is there a way to do it not in Zotero but in a sqlite browser (like DB Browser for SQLite). The Database structure makes me confused and I am not sure which table(s) I should look into.
  • Agreed, this would be excellent.
  • I also agree! I added an advanced search, following the tip above, but a "tag count" column is still a more straightforward solution.
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