Zotfile: Multiple attachments get the same name in Zotero

Dear Zotero experts,
I am trying to migrate from the Zotero file structure to a custom file structure mirroring my library structure in Zotero using Zotfile. It happens that I have multiple files per Zotero entry e.g. multiple pdfs, xls, jpgs, etc. When Renaming/moving them to the new location all files get renamed and file names on the disk are differentiated by adding a number. In Zotero, however, the multiple and different file types all appear with the same same name and no possibility to differentiate foo1.pdf, foo2,pdf, foo.jpg, foo.xls etc.
3 related questions:

Is there a possibility to add the file extension in the name (both in zotero and in the file name) and differentiate multiple pdf - at leas as foo1.pdf, foo2.pdf within zotero?

Renaming does not work (always) for some files (generally jpgs but I although had some scanned pdfs for which it does not work). The Dialog "zotfile: Unnamed attachments" freezes/remains gray. This happens more often using the Zotfile renaming format but also when using the standard zotero renaming format.

How can I automatically list or exclude entries with multiple attachments for manuell treatment?

Thank you all for your help.
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