error platform version '60.9.0' is not compatible with MinVersion >=52.0 MaxVersion

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  • I clicked OK on an update yesterday (which I have done regularly) but this time Zotero did not (and does not) open but shows an error message:with heading XUL Runner;
    error platform version '60.9.0' is not compatible with
    MinVersion >=52.0
    MaxVersion <=54.*
    I think my Zotero is standalone but I don't know which version I am currently using. My computer operates with Windows 8.1 and has Chrome as a browser. I would be so grateful for help in resolving this problem!
    with many thanks, Fred
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    If you go to C:\Program Files (x86), do you see a "Zotero" folder or a "Zotero Standalone" folder?

    Not sure why that happened for you, but uninstall Zotero and reinstall it from the download page and this should go away.
  • I have now both C:/Program files (x86)/Zotero (from yesterday 12/9/2019) and C:/Program files (x86)/Zotero Standalone (from 2/26/2018). Do I go to Control Panel, Uninstall programs, to remove both before reinstalling Zotero?
    Thank you so much for your super quick response!
  • Yes, you should uninstall both before reinstalling.
  • After uninstalling Zotero and downloading It opens again! The folder Zotero Standalone is still in C:/Program Files (x86) with 1 kb APPUSER.DAT, LINENUM.DAT AND USERFILE.DAT, all from the year 2000. Should I delete this folder.
    Thank you so much!
  • Yes, you can delete it.
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