Prevent duplicate during import

Can there be a function to prevent duplicates when importing items? I have 10k items in my library and removing duplicates manually is a hassle. There used to be an add-on ( that does just that but it doesn't work with the current version of Zotero.

  • This is a great idea, because it would be clearer and more convenient than the list of mostly old false positives in the "duplicates" screen.
  • There's a longstanding ticket for something along these lines ( ) so it's planned, but turns out to be trickier than it seems (the prevent duplicates add-ons only ever worked for the version of Zotero that ran entirely inside Firefox, which made this easier).
  • Yes, yes, yes! This would be very beneficial. Even if Zotero could have a little pop-up box when it finds an item with a similar title and would ask, "Is this a duplicate or not?"
  • +1
    Even a simple warning of a possible duplicate (same logic as in the 'Duplicate Items' menu) would be of much help!
  • +1 please at least a warning!

    A popup warning of possible duplication when importing PDFs would save me both time and storage space.

    Alternately, the ability to choose which attachments to keep when merging dupes would help.
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    YES please.
    And related: it would be nice if the merge duplicate function would recognize two identical attachments.
    At present, merging will simply merge all attachments into the single entry. More often than not, this will create duplicate attachments within the same entry. Not saving any disk space.
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