ZoteroTide: Cleanup and reporting app for Zotero

Hi everyone,
Lately, I was doing some repetitive tasks on my Zotero library, with over 2000 articles. So I thought an app for automatic reporting could help to ease maintaining the library.

Here is the link. It's based on Python and uses Streamlit as frontend:

I hope some might find it helpful and may give me feedback on the code and its functionality as well.

  • Looks useful, but how do you use it? Where do I find a "config file with group ID, API-key and library type"?

    Any chance you will make this into a Zotero plug-in?
  • edited March 16, 2022
    My colleagues and me, use it to generate reports, that I can go through.
    Adding tags for “problems”, then go to the Zotero-client and filter the items by that tag. (click on features to see more).
    For the config file, if you click on "How to Use", you will find a link to a template config file in the GitHub -Repo.


    I thought about a Zotero-plugin, but I'm lacking the necessary Java-skills, I guess :-(
    (and time! )
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