Spell Check in Notes

Hi all --
I notice that when I am typing words in notes with spelling errors (or potential spelling errors) that it highlights them with the famous red squiggle.

However, there is no option to select the correct word or add the work to the dictionary as is traditionally available. Is there something that I am missing?
  • No. Spell check is only partially (an basically by accident) supported in notes, so what you're seeing is currently all there is.
  • A simple request... either please complete it or allow us to turn it off. It is annoying and a bad UX, when the expected behavior does not occur.
  • To turn it off, go to Preferences → Advanced → Config Editor and set extensions.spellcheck.inline.max-misspellings to 0.

    Improved spellchecking is planned for a future version.
  • I'm not sure where to advocate for inclusion of spell check, so I'll do so here: mighty Zotero design wizards, please add it! I love so much of Zotero... but this is a make or break feature for me (and for many of my colleagues).
  • @smalleytx: Just to be clear, Zotero does have spell-check — it's just limited to English and doesn't allow corrections/additions.
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