Accommodating Both Full Series Names and Series Abbreviations

The SBL Handbook of Style requires abbreviations for series names that are provided either in that handbook or in the supplementary reference Internationales Abkürzungsverzeichnis für Theologie und Grenzgebiete. The Chicago Manual of Style wants series names unabbreviated.

In biblical studies, both styles are very common bases for different journals' or publishers' specific requirements.

In the "Series" field for my Zotero items of this type, I have the SBL abbreviation (e.g., "PilNTC") so that the footnote and bibliography are correct in the SBL style. When I change the style to Chicago, however, the output needs to be the full series name (e.g., "Pillar New Testament Commentary") both in the footnote and in the bibliography.

In looking through some of the prior threads (e.g., 1, 2), the main suggestion seems to be to use the Abbreviation Filter plugin, but this no longer works with Zotero 5.

Would anyone have any suggestions for different ways of addressing a situation like this? (Preferably of course without editing the "Series" field repeatedly each time one needs to switch between SBL and Chicago styles. :-))

Thank you so much for your thoughts!
  • You can store the abbreviated Series name in Extra like this:
    collection-title-short: Abbrev

    Then edit the SBL style to use the form=“short” version of the series title.
  • Thanks, @bwiernik! Storing the series abbreviation that way makes sense.

    I'm a bit slow on the CSL side though. In looking through the file, I don't see an obvious place to make the edit to form="short".

    Could you clarify which line this is that I'm supposed to edit?

    Thanks so much!
  • any line that contains collection-title
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