Accommodating Both Full Series Names and Series Abbreviations

  • Thanks. So, it sounds like this functionality was there but then removed due to problems in the beta before the version I downloaded?

    Any idea what beta version I should watch for where this particular citation processor feature gets added back?

    Thanks, again!
  • I’ll post here when a newer version of the processor is available again.
  • Okay. Thanks so much!
  • Okay, it should be available now in the latest Zotero Beta.
  • Yep. Looks great. Thanks so much!

    Do non-beta users then simply watch for 5.0.61 to make it into the regular release channel before they see this update too?

    Thanks, again!
  • Yes, it will likely be released in relatively short order. You can just re-install Zotero from to revert to the regular release.
  • Ok. Sounds great. Thanks again!
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