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I'm glad to use your new zotero 2.0. It's brilliant!
What are your plans about beta.zotero.org ?

This web interface sounded really powerful for iphone users!
Thank you very much for all the job done, and all the future improvements ;)

  • beta.zotero.org should return soon. At the moment, accessing your zotero library through www.zotero.org works pretty well, at least on an iPhone.
  • but it isn't very pretty! any chance of some browser sniffing and a redirect to a iphone formatted page?
  • beta.zotero.org included an iPhone-formatted version. A similar version will return.
  • Is there any update information about beta.zotero.org?
  • Re: Is there any update information about beta.zotero.org?
  • Just a reminder that not all smartphone users are iPhone users, and hope neither the design nor its promotion will make that assumption.
  • Reading & posting on an Android 1.5 device is good. Logging in & navigating works. Viewing libraries & group libraries works. IF ONLY we could enter/update bibliographic items through a web interface and maybe add a note. Maybe?
  • Is there currently any way to read pdf attachments on a mobile device (or any device, really)? I have all of my attachments synced via WebDAV, but when I click on the attachments it just points me back to their original location (e.g., the Science Direct link), rather than linking to the pdf on the WebDAV server.

    If this isn't currently possible, does anyone have any suggestions (other than duplicating my library in Papers and its iPhone app)?
  • Is there currently any way to read pdf attachments on a mobile device (or any device, really)?
    Yes. Use Zotero File Storage, which makes PDFs and other single-file attachments web-accessible from zotero.org.
  • ah; missed that. It's exactly what I was hoping for. thanks!

    out of curiosity, is the timeline for the return of the mobile-optimized site known?
  • We don't have an estimate for that currently—sorry.
  • Hi.
    I own a droid. Two of its neat features (and that of the iphone) are the ability to read bar codes and take pictures. Whereas the first can currently refer a reader to online versions of books, buy them on amazon, etc... the later can be used by Google Goggles to do the same.

    I think the two could provide unique hassle-free ways to add books to a zotero list via bar-code or cover art. Adding a new book to your library would simply take a click which could be useful for people with large libraries, a voracious reading habit, or are on the go and do not have access to a computer.

    Has the Zotero team though about developing such applications using smart phone technology? I can see it as a very useful package of tools that can put the power usually reserved to librarians in the hands of the average student/teacher/user.
  • elissetche - those would most likely be plug-ins rather than features developed by/within Zotero itself - the option to add items by identifier (including ISBN) already opens up the possibility for this type of interaction - but the rest should really happen outside of core Zotero functionality - once Zotero works on one of the smart phones I think this might only take very little work.
  • When using zotero.org to view my library on an I-phone, is the only way to view my library by date added or can I view them according to author or title? With a library over 5000 works, the ability to view it according to date added is essentially pointless.
  • Rather than start a new thread, it seems this one delved into relevant territory for my question.

    I recently got a Droid Incredible (android 2.1), and out of curiousity, went to www.zotero.org, logged in, and accessed my library. I can view all my different library entries, which is fantastic, but have not been able to successfully download one of my PDFs from a library entry.

    Is this an issue that should be able to be resolved on my phone? Anyone have any insight? I have the PDF viewer that came installed on the phone, and have viewed PDFs downloaded from the web already.

    While sure, it'd be great to have a fully functional zotero app on my phone, for the foreseeable future - I'd be perfectly content just to be able to access my library on my phone.
  • have not been able to successfully download one of my PDFs
    Meaning what, exactly?

    Are you using Zotero File Storage? In other words, can you view your Zotero PDFs from a regular web browser?
  • oops, that is obviously important information to include...

    Yes, I am using Zotero File Storage. I access my online zotero library thru firefox on a regular basis on my laptop.

    Ok, I just carefully accessed the same files via firefox and via my phone's browser side by side. Resolved my problem - here's the scenario:

    After clicking on a library entry to view the the full details for that entry, at the very bottom under "Notes and Attachments" where it will show the file name of the attached PDF, e.g.:

    Personius 1995 - late Q uplift Cascadia forearc.PDF (pdf, 1.8 MB)

    on my phone, if I click on the portion of this line that is "(pdf, 1.8 MB), it returns a "Download Unsuccessful". However, if I zoom in enough to make sure I click on the actual file name, it will download and open - no problem.

    Sorry for the distraction. Hopefully writing this down may help others that come across this.
  • I just tried several times to point my browser (on my regular computer) to beta.zotero.org and kept getting "problem loading page." Does this mean the proof-of-concept mobile interface is not available to look at, at all, or is it now somewhere else? Is there a timeline yet? I'm teaching intro to zotero sessions at my university this fall, and doing a presentation comparing different bib management systems at our state library conference, and I would love to be able to say something good about Zotero's mobile interface.
  • Why does the front page advertise mobile interface but the site doesn't explain how to get to it?
  • I don't believe there is a dedicated mobile site or version. beta.zotero.org actually is an old version of - I believe - the webpage, back before syncing even existed - it's been defunct for a long time.
    My understanding about "mobile devices such as the iphone" is simply that the library site can just be opened with the iphone and the like just as any other site. I don't see any other reference to mobile devices.
  • If that is true, then why is the image next to the statement imply that there is a moblie version?
  • Wanted to try viewing my library from my iPhone, but for some reason login does not appear to work - that is, the login screen simply reloads, and nothing happens, no "invalid credentials", nothing. At the same time login from my Mac works as should, so it is not an account problem. Anybody had a similar experience?

    iOS 5, iPhone4
  • Sorry for my earlier post - worked it out already - you have to activate "Accept Cookies" in the Safari settings on the iPhone. And now let's wait for a possibility to add books to the library on the iPhone - through scanning barcodes, adding ISBNs or smth. similar. That would make Zotero an awesome tool in my work (book acquisition for an academic research library).
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    And now let's wait for a possibility to add books to the library on the iPhone - through scanning barcodes, adding ISBNs or smth. similar. That would make Zotero an awesome tool in my work (book acquisition for an academic research library).
    gke - there's (already) an app for that:

    (see here for mobile apps for Zotero in general: http://www.zotero.org/blog/zotero-apps-go-mobile/ )
  • Thank you, and yes, that is true - I have already installed that one, but it does involve the PC or Mac in its workflow to actually get the book into your Zotero library. Still, not a bad solution, but it would be really good to have the capability to do all that directly on your iPhone. Meanwhile, the new Zotero web-front soon to appear might actually be more important to my workflow, because many of the books in my field and area do not have proper ISBNs, let alone barcodes, therefore the possibility to manually enter books straight on a mobile device and work them out later on the PC or Mac would really be helpful.
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    ah yes - the similar droid app does that w/o using a computer, i confused the two.
  • I have installed the Bibup app on my iPhone but I'm having some difficulty getting it to work. I'm using Safari and have the connector for Safari installed, but the browser does not display the appropriate icon for transfer of references from Bibup and does not bring up the drop-down menu with the list of references. The Zotero program works for all other bibliographical references, for example, Amazon, PubMed, etc. Do you think there is a bug with the Safari connector for Zotero?

    I hope I can get Bibup to work because it's a great idea.
  • Correction to previous post: The Zotero dialogue box appears on the Bibup reference list, but when I click it a box appears saying "Saving item" but the dialog box containing the references does not appear.
  • Please contact Bibup's author(s) about that.
    This applies to all mobile apps: They are not written or supported by Zotero - with any problems you should contact the respective authors directly.
  • I use Zotero within Firefox, and there everything worked fine in combination with BibUp. Did not try the Safari connectors yet.
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