What about mobile web browsing

  • Actually - @weamon - are there Bibup item pages that you could link to, so we can take a look? As I say, we can't do anything about what the app does, but I can take a look why the connector isn't working correctly if you can provide a link to a page where it should work.
  • though it works but it is too slow to get the work done.
  • @adamsmith re Bibup: I did not get back to you to answer your Jan 12th suggestion. If you go to the Reference page on the BibUp site at http://elearning.unifr.ch/bibup/index.php, it will list references in the library now. By entering the filter I used (wce) it will filter the reference I captured. The problem is that while the "Save to Zotero (unAPI)" icon displays, when I click it nothing happens. I contacted the BibUp help line and they insist that the system works with Standalone Zotero and Safari. I have the Safari connector but not the Chrome connector installed. I'm baffled why this doesn't work. I realize that you can't do anything about the app but it's puzzling why they say it works and it doesn't work for me. Any help appreciated.
  • I can't test this on Safari - maybe someone else would take a look to confirm that this is a general issue. I remember there was a bibup unAPI issue a while ago that has since been fixed.
    Your Safari connector works otherwise, right?
  • Yes, my Safari connector works fine (for example with Amazon)
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