Suggestion: Support for different citation styles in one document

I'm writing a systematic literature review that uses APA 6th for citation style. When I customize the citations in the text, they are "corrected" back to the original style requiring that I go through the document and fix everything.

There are 3 styles that I would like to use:

1. In-text citation: Years are getting shorter with little time available (Gilmour, Mason, Waters, & Wright, 1973).
2. In-text citation, year only: Waters (1973) found that lunatics are known to frequent the grass.
3. Articles matching the theme of Lunar Dark Sides: Gilmour, Waters, 1973; Mason, 1973; Wright, Torry, 1973.

It would be great if the Word plugin had an option that you could select a particular type of citation. Either as a separate button, or a dropdown when selecting the source.
  • There seems to be a long discussion on how to implement point 2 (as the name is grammatically part of the sentence) but switching between 1 and 3 would be great and seems rather simple (e.g. checkbox that would allow to not just suppress the author but also the brackets). So count me in on those waiting for this feature to be implemented.
  • I heartily welcome this feature. That option 2 is missing is a big limitation in usefulness of Zotero.
  • Option 2: or simply change the place of the bracket in the text, Zotero will remember it while inserting/updating the bibliography
  • Can I add my support for this - my reason for asking is that this might be a (partial) way around the issue of wanting to insert a separate bibliography in different sections of the same Word document.

    The ability to use different styles could allow a citation style to be used in the text, and a "bibliography" style to be used in the section bibliography. OK, this isn't automated, but it's a step in the right direction.
  • (FWIW, option 2 above is generally in the works, though not ETA).
    Jim -- I don't quite understand what you're after, could you give a more specific example? We'll almost certainly not allow for two different citation styles (as opposed to different variants of the same style, which 2 refers to) in the same document, but there may be other ways to get what you want.
  • I would also welcome the possibility to use two citation style because in my work I have to differenciate citations from press and those from academic papers and books.
    For now I use footnotes but it would be great if I could have :
    1 - in text citation : blablabla (John 1956)
    2 - footnote citation : blablabla² and a footnote with the complete or simplified citation (for example ² "Forests are burning", The Globe, James Watson, 15/5/2020)
    I can add footnote manually in Word but I either have to use in text citation in it (after citing the title manually for example) or I have to copy-paste the bibliography of the article from zotero with no automatic updating possible after.
  • That type of combination isn’t possible and almost certainly won’t be.
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