[feature request] Keep quicksearch while browsing in collections


Presently, when I use the quick search field, the filter I've set is erased if I move from a collection to another. Consequently, I have to re-type my filter for every collection I browse (and in which I specifically want to quick search).

A (very) useful browsing enhancement would be to add a on/off button next to the quick search field, to keep the filter while browsing in collections.

Such a feature is for instance implemented in Thunderbird for long (see the button with the pin icon, at the left side of the filter panel in a mailbox). I use it several times a week to find a specific email between my different professional mailbox, when I can't remember who sent it to me.

Thanks !
  • This has been requested before, and I think it's reasonable, though I think we could do it as a checkbox in the search drop-down instead of as a separate button, particularly since most people will probably have a preferred mode and never change it.

    Either way, it'd be a little more awkward in our case, because I think you'd want it to apply to the tag selector too, even though that's in a separate part of the UI. That might be an argument for a pin button over the menu, but given that the pin would still be next to the search bar, I'm not sure it matters.
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    Thanks for seriously considering this proposition.

    In my opinion, concerning the localisation of the button in the UI, each of both solutions has its advantages and inconveniences:

    * in the search drop-down: it would be a less functional for ones who need to toggle it frequently (as myself). However, such a solution has the merit to hide the option for non-experimented users, who could be alarmed in not seeing their references after having accidentally checked the box. More over, such a solution make sense because it might open the way to other similar checkbox (for instance one to toggle the presently hidden 'recursive collections' option).

    * over the menu: it would be more disturbing for non-experimented users (here, a solution could be to alert the user in highlighting in red the checkbox and the content of the search field). However, such a solution has the merit to provide a new full search feature which can be used for collections and tags.

    So, there is no good or bad solution to implement it. There is only a choice about what you want such feature to be : a main one or a secondary one. For my self, both solution are fine even if, as an experimented and daily user, I much prefer the second one (a pin button over the menu).
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