Keeping search box contents when switching collections

I have found that whenever I switch the active collections on the left pane, the search box is cleared. Is there any way to prevent this from happening, even if through an internal parameter? I find this very annoying and time-consuming at times.
  • This is by design. (It's pretty common behavior. For example, if you search for something in Gmail and then click a different folder on the left, the search clears.) You're not the first to request this, though. One suggestion that we were open to in that thread was giving a way to re-run the search in the library root if it doesn't find anything in the current view.

    For a more general solution, there was a proposal for a push-pin button similar to what Thunderbird does. I haven't fully thought that through, but it seems like a possible option, if we thought it was worth the UI space.
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