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Dear All:

I love the new zotero. However, the search sometimes does not work properly. Here's the use case:

1) I search for a term
2) The spinning wheel left to the search box appears
3) It takes a long time and nothing happens
4) When I hover with the mouse over the current papers shown in zotero, these papers disappear and the search results appear
5) However, when I double click on the search results, nothing happens
6) Current workaround: search for something else, and then search again for the term in step (1)

Anyone experiencing the same?

  • I could not reproduce this in 5.0.11. I tested with all three options in the search drop-down menu.

    Is your indexing complete? See Preferences > Search.
    Does the behavior changes based on your selection in the search drop-down menu?
  • Thanks!

    The index is complete, but I don't use full text search (i.e., Everything). I only use "All Fields & Tags". Also, this issue does occur very infrequently, but I experience it once or twice a week. I'll try to make a video next time it occurs and post it here.

  • Here is a video of the search behavior I described earlier: Search.flv?dl=0

    What happens here is that zotero seems to have found the articles (the two articles in the list are what I was searching for!). But when I click on them, nothing happens (i.e., they're not selected in the right).

    The previous papers shown in the list view seem still to be there (although invisible -- see how I hover over them with my mouse). The papers in the list (around 8) were showing before -- but when I hovered over them with the mouse the first time, they disappeared (I didn't get this on the video).

    Lastly, the wheel spins for a solid 20 mins now -- as soon as I change the view and search again, I find the two papers in 5 seconds.

  • We'd want a Report ID after this occurs and before restarting Zotero — you're getting an error of some sort.

    There's no difference between 20 seconds and 20 minutes here — it's just not going to work until you either switch away and back (maybe) or restart Zotero (definitely). But we'd need to see an error report to figure out what's happening.
  • Dan:

    The issue just occurred again. This is the Report ID: 6830033. Thanks!
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