Missing fields for "Artwork"

Artworks are sometimes cited with reference to the museum or gallery where they were first exhibited. I propose to map the CSL fields 'publisher-place' and 'publisher' to new Zotero fields/UI labels "Place" and "Museum/Gallery" respectively for Zotero type "Artwork" so we can have something like ...

Nam June Paik: TV-Buddha, New York: Galleria Bonino 1974.
  • Would it be too much of a stretch to use Archive and Archive Location there? It looks like they are available in the CSL mappings.
  • Yes, that would definitely be a possibility. Through the use of custom CSL styles and Zotero's "Extra" field (e.g. {:publisher-place: New York} {:publisher: Galleria Bonino}) I can already use any CSL field available, right? So it is not only a question of what is possible but which solution seems the more appropriate. And IMHO "publisher-place" and "publisher" are the more 'logical' choices. Of course, I will happily code for "archive" and "archive-location" in my custom styles if the Zotero team decides to go this way. Thanks!
  • Thinking about it, publisher/publisher-place probably is a better fit indeed - can imagine a piece being first displayed in one location, then ending up in an archive somewhere else. It wouldn't be good to drop one of those pieces of information.
  • Is there a "right", official way of proposing this for the next iteration of Zotero?
  • I think the idea is that suggestions posted to the forums all get into the mix, but there is a sticky thread for suggesting field revisions in the next major update. This may already have been suggested there, so a trawl through the postings would be a good idea - if it's not there, then (double-posting etiquette notwithstanding) it might not hurt to lodge your case for the addition there.
  • There is this: https://github.com/ajlyon/zotero-bits/issues?page=2&q=is:issue+is:open
    but it is not for initial proposals (for those use the forum) but to keep track of things that we've more or less agreed upon already, so please don't create new issues unless one of us (usually me, but could also be fbennett or aurimas) asks you to.
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    I actually disagree quite strongly with place/publisher for Museum/Gallery and its location, both for systematic reasons (the publisher/place refers to the origin of a work and cannot change over time whereas a piece of art can be sold and move between galleries), but more importantly for the reason that the place of origin is actually a common part of a citation for artworks, see here: https://forums.zotero.org/discussion/28199/place-element-for-artwork/#Item_0 (alex is an art historian) and a much better fit for place/publisher-place.

    I'm fine with having a Museum/Gallery field, but it should be mapped to archive and the location of the Museum/Gallery (suggestions for field names welcome) should map to the currently unused archive-place.
  • Makes sense. I will code my styles accordingly with "archive" and "archive-place" for something that will likely become "Place" and "Museum/Gallery" in Zotero. Thanks!
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